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i feel good; feeling like i never should

May 6, 2009

I decided to raid my James' closet and ended up with his WESC sweater that I've adored since the day I saw him wear it. Nothing beats forest creatures combined with laser beams (and wearing boyfriend scented clothes). Aside from the sweater, I picked up his Nooka watch. I'm just letting him know now via blog, he might not get his stuff back.

Worn with Urban Outfitters skirt and Nina Dolls booties.

I also missed two eBay listings today that I was very, very excited about. Note to self and all others, don't rely on the iPhone to get a bid in. I need white chedder Cheetoe puffs to compensate for the pain...

Oh, thanks everyone for the song recommendations! I did listen to everything and discovered lots of artists through you guys. xx

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55 responses:

  1. love the boyfriend clothes sent...

    the outfit is very spring-y.

  2. They have white cheddar cheese puffs?! Where the hell have I been... Haha sorry, first thought. I FEEL you girl, every time I lose an ebay bid for some nonchalant reason. It's a ripping your hair out moment.

    + That skirt/sweater is amazing Ray, and I LOVE your hair in these pictures soooo hot.

    KISS, China L.

  3. ok i see where i've seen a skirt similar to the one we saw at uo today. ON YOU. right here. minus the ruffles but very much like it.

    sunglasses are killer!


  4. i am so on board with the bf-scented clothes haha. there is just something so comforting and perfect about them. and that light denim skirt is perfection - definitely need to pick up a piece like it for myself!

  5. I love the giant cheeto balls they make in flamin' hot!

  6. great sweater... yay for raiding boy closets!!! glad u liked the music. i know what u mean about black lab. their early stuff is on the whole really good, but the last couple of albums haven't been much cop.


  7. i love the button detail on the skirt, and the silver necklaces, you SHOULD feel good! you look great!!

    The Voguette

  8. I love this. What is it about the bf's clothes that just make an outfit. Sweater paired with that skirt is something I would have never thought of but it looks incredibly chic on you. xx

  9. 1. i've been there, cell phone internet can not be trusted. i still miss those blue suede boots.

    2. boyfrind clothes are the best. i always raid the boys stuff, esp. when he gets rid of stuff for goodwill. i'll be wearing something i snagged and he'll something like, "didn't i giv that away?", lol. yup to me.


  10. great skirt and amazing pics!


  11. great blog! i really like the jumper, especailly the rolled up sleeves!

    Love alba x

  12. crew neck sweaters are my favvvv. too bad they dont make that many for girls!

  13. I really like this! I looove your sweatshirt!

  14. Love the outfit and loveeeee this first pic!! <3 <3

  15. This looks amazing! I love the first pic :) im glad you liked the songs!

    thanks for visiting!

  16. argh, sorry you missed the listings. great outfit though :)

    xx, Caroline

  17. i luuve cheddar cheese creampuffs as well!! hehe

    the sweater, watch et al are good for keeps! Hush to ur bf. lol

  18. WOW.
    You look absolutely amazing, dear!
    Beautifully combined...


  19. I love stealing clothes from my boyfriend, if only because they're boyfriend scented!

  20. amazing outfit!
    you look great!

    -most unusual shoes of 09
    -best MET Costume Institute Gala photos

  21. Anonymous

    i absolutely adore your blog! You have an amazing style.

  22. love this whole outfit.
    the sweater over the shirt-esque skirt.

  23. Cute outfit, the skirt is so pretty!

  24. you look so fab :) that sweater fits you well!

  25. I love the skirt, great!

  26. Love your sweater! Or should I say his? Well it's probably yours now ;-)

  27. aww I love your outfit, epecially the skirt :)

  28. Great outfit, but I especially love the background of the photo! Where is this lovely, grassy place?

  29. this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! you look extremely cute

  30. omg. I love this. like. love it love it love it. so inspiring and so simple.
    my favorite of yours fo sho

  31. that's such an adorable outfit and that skirt reminds me of one of my favorite lazy denim dresses

  32. Love wearing guys' clothes and mixing them with feminine pieces! Cute outfit!

  33. Nice shoes!
    What kind of camera do you use? I'm on the quest of finding the best one.

  34. I inhaled a whole bowl of cheese puffs at a gay bar on sunday afternoon. it was perfect.

    and btw - the sweater is YOURS NOW. because it is MADE FOR YOU. Just an FYI.

  35. this outfit is perfection!

  36. yay for stealing boyfriend's clothes!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! You pull off the outfit so perfectly. And I hope james is okay with you keeping this because you look awesome in it!

  37. Thanks so much for visiting and your super sweet comment =)

    First off, they have white chedder cheese puffs??!?!?! Ok, note to self run, not walk to the nearest grocery store...

    Those glasses are awesome and those chains *sigh* how you put this look together...


  38. I love this look!

  39. ahhh yes yes yes boyfriend scented clothes are one of lifes many small joys that make me smile.
    i love all your pics, so fresh.
    you are simply lovely!

  40. i think you could wear anything and look good!!! i love how you mixed things here!! amazing!

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