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May 14, 2009

I desperately need a break from dark colors; season-closet-transitions are always more difficult than I want it to be. But wearing an all-white outfit refreshingly liberating; makes me wish I had more white clothing to enjoy this feeling more often. 

By the way, it's established: people are nicer to me with side bangs than they are with front bangs -- not really, but everyone seems to like it more. Henceforth, I am growing them out. Another step towards summer!

Tank: Erin x RVCA | Skirt: Jasmin Shokrian | Shoes: Chloe  

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40 responses:

  1. you look amazing!
    i love tis dress!

  2. These photos are so refreshing!! you look stunning lady!

  3. I'm prone to wearing dark colours. I always try to incorporate vibrant colours into my outfit, even if its just a brightly coloured ring

  4. hokyshiz i love this!! very very refreshing indeed. hmm yerrr new photgrapher is #1

  5. this is a perfect and simple look!
    you look stunning n light colours!

  6. I wish I could take the step towards lighter colors! Love this ensemble.

  7. You look great! I'm always a bit scared to try the all white look but thats with white jeans, with a white dress and shoes it looks so cute

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  8. KATE

    Check out this blog, it's pretty sweet

  9. Very fresh, summery dress.

  10. You look great. Simple but great.

  11. haha THATS CHIC! Love it!

  12. love the shoes and the dress :]] very cool look for summer. totally inspired me. cause i was feeling a little bummed about the summer heat, man you make it look quite cool. :]]]


  13. great heels and you look gorgeous!

  14. love those chloes, which is very matching with the outfit. love white.

  15. such a gorgeous spring-y!

  16. What do you mean nicer!? Why would bangs have anything to do with that :O (I ask because I think I'm going to get straight across bangs cut sometime soon)

    Love your dress!

  17. the setting is perfect with this dress! i like how you think things though.

  18. i love this look! i really am digging on the geometry of that skirt.. i think i remember it from another post

  19. I love the cut of the tank.x

  20. embrace neutrals and clear colors, they look awesome on you.
    the shoes are the perfect finishing touch.

  21. oh! you look gorgeous! i love the skirt and tank. so simple and pretty... embrace the summer chic ;-D


  22. Ahhh this makes me want to throw away all my black clothes... Almost! Lovely =]

  23. love the shoes & love RVCA!


  24. I love this outfit!! gorgeous :) I love this infusion of lights :)

  25. you look so amazing, ethereal beauty!

  26. MG

    I agree, you look better with side-swept bangs. =)

  27. i love the little bit of black peeking out from under the shirt. the shoes are great too.

  28. Beautiful outfit! So perfect for summer weather! Love your shoes and your hair! xxoxoxo

  29. i was gong to say i love our hair and now i know why..the side swept is cute!

  30. I so agree. I need light colors completely. You do it so well. Lady, I love ya!

  31. you look amazingggg!


  32. Wow your photos are beautiful!

  33. oohhhh so pretty! I can't wait to crack out the SUMMER SUMMER clothes. It's still windy at times in toronto, so i'm in spring-summer clothes.. SIGH.

  34. Omg you look fabulous!!

  35. You make white look good!

  36. you look OH so gorgeous and summery.
    ahhhh sunshine :)

  37. i love your setting for your photos. where are they taken? lovely outfit btw.

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