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the future's not ours to see

May 17, 2009

It seems like 2009 has been nothing but complaints from me. My computer crashing, other random stuff, but last week, I got into a car accident! Ah! I am so prone to unfortunate events. Thankfully, myself and the other driver are fine, and the damage is minimal. 

I thought this jacket was very fitting for the recent events in my life: que sera sera. I had to turn the jacket inside-out to showcase the painted writing on the back; I think it looks cooler like this. Totally reminiscent of the "God Save Queens" jacket. I'm also wearing leggings from Urban Outfitters and Chloe boots. 

Here's a better shot of the jacket from the Quiksilver website:

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37 responses:

  1. Car accident? Jesus. Glad to hear it was nothing serious. I love your Chloe boots and the jacket!

  2. reminds me of that one picture with kate moss except her jacket says god save the queen on the back!

  3. Anh Nguyen

    whoa, it's so random how i stubble upon your blog.

    you probably don't remember me, it's anh nguyen from elementary days. just curious to see how you're up to. didn't know you live in the same city. fail.

  4. Love the jacket. Glad you are ok and it wasnt too serious! Ive had a few near misses and its scary! (I wasnt driving at the time, surprisingly!)


  5. you look amazing i loveee the jacket!!

    The Voguette

  6. oh dear, luckily you are unhurt... hopefully this would be the last straw of accident.. the chloes are nice...

  7. Looove your boots!

    I've gotten into a couple car accidents this year haha. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious!

  8. Wonderful jacket, seems like something one could DIY pretty easily, too! Beautiful photography as well.

  9. i'm glad you're ok, raych. i adore the jacket, it;'s so kate.

  10. Lovely outfit! Glad your safe and healthy!

  11. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and concerns <3

    Anh - of course I remember you!! You live here now? That's so crazy. I'm assuming you go to UCI then. Dude. Email me or add me on twitter or something! How can you leave me a comment with a blast from the past and have no way for me to contact?!?

    Hope to talk to you soon

  12. the first thing i thought of when i saw your jacket was the God Save the Queen jacket. Amazing. Love the Chloes, too.

  13. Oh my god, horrible that you've had a car accident. Luckly you're fine!
    Beautiful pictures and nice outfit.
    All the best for you!

  14. good to hear that you are unhurted ..

    people may like your jacket but I like your necklace :D I think it's cool :D

  15. Really nice spring jacket, looks good on you!

  16. I think to top that all off, with some gold beads and thin gold chains, red and navy feathers on your head and some tribal markings with neon face paint... that would look super dope! I love your jacket.

  17. Those boots are amazing and I love the jacket <3

  18. I think I cand positively say I would kill for that jacket. literally 0.0 ahah

    gimme gimme gimme ^^

  19. Violet

    Qué será, será...

    I'm a faithful fan of your blog, but I never commented... so, there had to be a first time!

    Keep it like that! ;)


  20. epic, I think I need that jacket now, must resist you're putting winter-y ideas into my head when it's 97 degrees out, false hope, ahhhhhhhhhhhh! :p

    bummer about the accident, freind of mine just had one up in oregon and because of that the guy that rammed her into the line devider wasn't charged for anything. her insurance for smereason refused to pay and so she called his and they wer, oddly, much nicer and gave her 5000 for her car. lesson: don't drive in oregon :P

  21. i love the shoes!!

    -make your own shoes

  22. Oh shit! I'm glad you're okay. But nice look, cool jacket! I fancy the f21 necklace, my friend and I were there yesterday and I saw it in person and it's pretty cool but she said it was tacky LOL I was like whatchu talkin bout???

  23. Good to hear that you guys were safe and sound:)

  24. You have TWO pairs of those Chloe beauts? I wish I were your feet.

  25. absolutely adore the outfit.

  26. this is beyond cool. I want that jacket!


  27. radical jacket

    I love this!!

  28. The Que Sera Sera jacket looks so freakin fab on you!

    and the leggings r sooooo hot!
    anywho... I MISSSSS UUUU

    <3 when u comin to ny?

  30. so glad you're oK! ♥
    stunning as usual lady. Love you.
    * *

  31. Hey, I'm risa and i love your jacket! It looks DIYable. Hehe! Super cute!

  32. So sorry to hear you were in an scary!!! Glad you are ok and able to rock those amazing Chloe boots and jacket so well! You look fab as usual =)

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