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eye of the fish

May 28, 2009

Hi guys, I had a lot of things going on this past month, a huge chunk of it was school. I guess you can say I've been extremely overwhelmed and just want to lay in bed all day. Hence I'm going to be lazy on the outfit posts, but will come back once I find my daily zen.

Meanwhile, I just developed my fisheye camera. I fucking love them! I have a feeling we will see a lot more of these, especially since I'm taking it to Space 15 Twenty this Sunday to snap shots of all our favorite bloggers. Hope to see you guys there :)

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51 responses:

  1. fucking awesome, love the 4th shot. just looking at ted's face cracks me up. in the nicest way possible.

  2. mmm really loving how these turned out!

  3. Those pics are amazing
    Love them! Specially love your off the 9th one

  4. great photos!
    i've always wanted one.

    thanks for sharing these great shots! cute really!

  5. I've been wanting a camera like this!

    Any post with Ted is a good post to me. Hahah

  6. absolutely love your photos!! what's the trick?
    *love your blog ;D

  7. Anonymous

    haha yes, Ted really lightens the mood!

  8. Awesome photos. love the fish-eye perspective.

  9. i want a fisheye camera so badly! never got around to getting it though, think i might after these great shots though

    please visit me at:

  10. nice tank top, and the fish-eye effect camera really is cool... and what a nice looking lad you have there

  11. you look ridiculously adorable in these pics! lol. nice lens as well.

    The Voguette

  12. These are the first fisheye-lens pictures I've seen that I actually liked! These look amazing. :]

  13. these are sooo cool. i need to get myself a fisheye camera now! esp love the one of you sitting in the road with the sun behind you. gorgeous!

  14. Love the fish eye. Sunday will be fun, see you there!

  15. Anonymous

    How do you wear a motorcycle jacket? I have one in black and I'm not sure what to wear with it without looking too bikerish/butch. So far I've just been wearing black skinny jeans and a button down shirt with it. Any other suggestions?

  16. Cool shots, my friend has a fish eye camera too, love it they make things interesting! :-)

  17. Ah my friend has a fish-eye lens project- she spent most of her year creating a portfolio just with photos shot with it. It made me fall in love with the fish eye photos- and I like the ones you have here too! They're very cute.

  18. Love the fisheye. Oic the lab in the last one lol.

  19. haha these are awesome, and quite hipster(y) as well if I might add.

  20. you look gorgeous honey!

  21. Hey Raych just lettin you know I awarded you with the One Lovely Blog award on my blog lol you check it out if you want :)

  22. this rules! i need to get back so we can all hang out again!

  23. These photos are awesome! I particularly love the 4th one, heh.

  24. I love these, so cute!.x

  25. I love this type of camera! Your photos are so cute.

  26. love your blog!
    you are totally gorgeous....those shots are friggen excellent!

  27. great photos!
    love fisheye effect.

  28. loved the 5th and 9th photos. Fun fun fun! :) Refreshing to look at.

  29. loved the 5th and 9th photos. Fun fun fun! :) Refreshing to look at.

  30. way cool shots, lady. fish eye lenses are wholly underappreciated

  31. love them.
    i think i saw you today at space15twenty

  32. Cool photos!! I love them all! :-) xxoxoxo

  33. I have a lomo with fish eye too! Lovelly photos

  34. fun pictures , really creative:)And love your white ray bans!

  35. you are fisheye lens =)

  36. wow! these are fab! love them x

  37. This is freaking fabulous!!! Seriously, we all need to get on the fish eye camera tip...

  38. you're freakin gorgeous! 'nuff said

  39. These pictures are awesome! Love the fisheye lens.

  40. Maria

    Lovely photos! where did you get them developed?

  41. these photos are so amazing...your blog is really great too

  42. these photos are amazing, so alive, so much fun, so real, so young. I adore them!

  43. What is that Heather Grey off the shoulder top you are wearing??? I LOVELOVELOVE!

  44. WOWW!!!! how do you get the photo's to do that ? loooks so awsome!!


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