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diamonds on my neck

May 1, 2009

Just a quick post to show off these two necklaces I picked up at Forever 21. I seriously need to stop by their jewelry section more often - not for rings though... green fingers aren't a good look on me.

They're online too! Here and here. Take my word for it, no picture will do this chained necklace justice. The picture on the website looks like crap, and you can only see so much detail via webcam.

Anyways, I didn't get a haircut. But I realized that when I tie my hair low, pull the shorter layers to my face, then tuck the hair behind my ears - BAM! Short hair without the cost.

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49 responses:

  1. love the secong one;))) wish f21 shiped to poland;(

  2. wowow, nice! and i love how f21's so cheap too!

    your hair's gorgeous and so are you!

  3. yesss, f21 jewelry is always great for that quick fix! love doing that to my hair too!

  4. I always paint a clear coat of nail polish on the inside of my f21 rings, it stops them from turning my finger green.

  5. Hehe you're so cute about your different hairstyles! It's great coz I think both short hair and your hair now looks great on you!
    Wow the necklace are F21? No way! Awesome!

    xx Jessie

  6. F21's jewellry is totally underrated, one of my fav bracelets is from there. I agree with you about the green fingers, ick. Really love these necklaces, esp the first one.

  7. Omigosh! A makedo bib necklace ON SALE FOR 8.80!!!!! I definitely need to get my ass to the nearest f21 stat. Thanks for theee tip.

  8. looooove the first one. definitely does not look like something you'd pick up @ f21!

    and i adore your blog (& your hair) more and more each time i visit!

  9. the first one is fabulous . love.

  10. i am now convinced that I need to pick up that floral one too.

  11. i love the 1 one

  12. wow! cannot believe they are from forever 21!! i want them both!

  13. YES! F21 making the hottest necklaces lately. This one is super Tom Binns-y...

    As for the green fingers or wrists, nothing tackier! Seems better with the necklaces though, yes?

    xo J

  14. Totally love F21 jewelry! They've got some cool pieces, and even though they're not "unique", when i'm wearing one of the pieces i've got there, everyone seems to ask me where i got it.
    The first one looks amazing!

  15. Those necklaces look great on you! I just recently bought some rings from forever21, & while I love them, I know they're just going to turn my fingers green, too. :[ It sucks.

  16. ahhh man if only F21's rings changed to H&M's quality....!

    anyway, i LOVE the haiiiir. the necklaces are *2 thumbs up*

  17. the first one is from f21? omg. i'm never shopping anywhere else.

  18. wow both necklaces gorgeous. (:

  19. I love the first necklace - so pretty!

  20. GORGE !
    i love the first one .

  21. My friend tried on the first one the last time we went, I think they look damn good for forever 21! I like your hair in this too, oh the joys of prolonging the time until your haircut~ :)

  22. That first necklace is pretty rad! And your hair looks great like that!!

  23. Great finds!! Love the first one the most though!

  24. Wow, the first one is amazing! I thought they were really expensive!! Great buys! xxoxoxo

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  26. gorgeous necklaces.

  27. Great necklaces - especially the first one! Gorgeous :-D


  28. OMG! This is so hilarious but I did not recognize you from your blog when I walked up to you yesterday. My boyfriend + I kept saying "how do we know that girl?"

    Been a reader for a long time so just wanted to say hi. You can find me over at + I've added you to my links. CIAO!

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  31. these photos are awesome..they look so just casual and you look beautiful!

  32. These are both beautiful, I especially adore the first one :D

  33. For Love has the bombest jewelry!! I spend way too much when I go into there. The first necklace is intriguing..

  34. WHERE is that top from? It's so nice! xxx

  35. That floral bib is gorgeous! I saw it on the site, but I was a little skeptical, but now I think I'll actually check it out. I really like your blog, by the way! :)

  36. Oh my goodness, love them!

  37. WOOO!! I need to make my trip to forever21 soon times!

  38. I have a killer wish cart of F21 stuff - just waiting to pull the trigger.

    you look gorgeous as usual * * *

  39. i really like the 1st one. glam! <3

  40. i love the first one, so pretty

  41. Can't believe these are F21 finds...Big ass pat on your back for finding them!!! Awesome!

  42. OMG THOSE NECKLACES ARE GORGEOUS. F21, eh?? I've gotten a couple of necklaces from there...they're actually nice despite their being made of cheap plastic. The first link doesn't work...sold out, possibly? I love that first necklace so much!

  43. Love the first necklace!

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