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white out the blacked out

April 7, 2009

I know that I can never pull this off, but I am so desperately in love with Daul Kim's new hair. Seriously, people who pull of peroxide blonde hair are badass. I need serious envy control everytime I see Kristin's hair.


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47 responses:

  1. I'm so jealous of Kristen too!
    I wish I were fair skinned, so it wouldn't look weird if I dyed my hair white-blond.

  2. oh my god I have black hair myself and this is something I have been thinking about for a while.. but its a bitch to get it that blonde when u have JET BLACK.. hmm but still I thnk I am going to do it.. u should think about it.. u only live once.. DARE TO BE BOLD AND go for it ! :)

  3. Like I said on the twit, DAMN. I love her hair that way and that she can pull it off. Some asian girls just look so wrong. >_> I can think of a personal few, but then also think of all the hot bloggers who have white hair and then I recover haha.

    Kiss, China L.

  4. I LOVE her hair. It looks so hot!

    I'm just starting out with my fashion blog. I want it to grow into something about Melbourne teen fashion.. I would love you to check it out and maybe give me some tips or swap links?

    ty. x.

  5. gorgeous pics! abosolutely beautiful. thanks for sharing!


  6. She doesn't even look like the same girl!! Wow, but she can totally pull it off, very striking. xo

  7. I love her, she looks completly different! I really like it

  8. ha her hair is insane! it looks amzing on her!
    great post!

  9. I am hugely jealous of anyone who can pull off that hair color!

  10. agreed. she looks awesome.

  11. love the blond hair, totally fab.

    the crumpet girls

  12. gosh, never thought that asian would look good in blond. But this pics show the opposite. It's strange but fascinating. It looks artifical but natural at the same time.

  13. She looks amazing with that blond hair, totally changes her look! xxoxoxo

  14. Oh how I wish I could pull that off

  15. Oh I love it~ One day I will be blonde.

  16. Anonymous

    it looks o-kay...just because it's daul. blonde hair and most asian girls (especially tan ones) looks wrong..and itkills the hair...if you have short hair you should go for it! but deep condition like every day...haha..your hair will feel like straw!

  17. she looks GORGEOUS w/ blonde hair!

  18. Jen

    I hate it on her!! I never seem to like Asian girls with blonde hair, because I love their black hair on them! Please don't!!!!! Please don't go all the way, maybe highlights?

    She's such a beautiful girl, why would he do that to herself? It's horrific! I really hate it on her.

  19. ah i love daul. great pictures.

  20. she can do whatever she wants and she will always be stunningggg.

  21. u look fab with dark hair :) and thank you for the zoe kravitz comment my day lit up when i read that.

  22. you are on holier than now today

    I just emailed you a more formal announcement : )

  23. oh my gosh i know
    i was reading her blog and i saw this and i was just purely amazed
    it's different, but it suits her so well!

    also, i love your blog :)

  24. she looks so cool. she actually looks BETTER with blonde hair, it uplifts her face.

  25. Tia

    Okay I'm just going to be blunt here and say it looks like shit. If she wants to rock it, whatever, who am I to say what she can or can't do? But I will say she would look 10x better with black hair. (This is obviously in my opinion, I'm sure some of you genuinely love it, but some are lying ;)). In a few years she'll go back to black and be like what the hell was I thinking?

    Raych DON'T DO IT *cries*

  26. Not to fret pretty ladies, my hair is damaged enough from flat ironing it. Bleaching it would be the step over to suicide.

    I'll just sit behind the sidelines this time and admire Daul's hair :)

  27. yes, bleachedblack has rad hair..wish i could pull it off....are you still going to try?

  28. Wow she looks amazing as a blonde!


  29. Normally I think peroxide blonde hair looks awful on Asian girls, but when it works, it looks amazing. Of course it looks great on Daul...


  30. I couldn't agree more! I wish I could pull off that look

  31. WOW. I could never pull this off as well as she does! Love it :-)

  32. Peroxide blonde hair is definitely only something I dream of, so I definitely envy anyone who can pull it off!

  33. I've always been drawn to people with severely dark eyebrows and the juxtaposing of lighter hair. Gorgeous :)


  34. Kathleen

    A lot of times Asians look quite strange with blonde bleached hair but she really pulls it off, I must say.

  35. I hadn't seen this yet, killer!!

  36. Wow, she looks fantastic. I bet you could pull it off!

  37. while i was searching kims works after the bad new i found this in your blog. these are very pretty.

  38. Anonymous

    that first photo is gorgeous!!! that lipstick color really suits you! I'm a little scared to dabble in lipstick territory but it definitely suits you!!! china manufacturing

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