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quiksilver's summer blessing

April 17, 2009

Before I started working hands-on with Quiksilver, Catlin first introduced me to the Summer line for the women's. Their Summer line was pretty much sealed the deal for me. I'm so excited to share with you this collection than the Spring collection! Though, both are surprisingly impressive in aesthetics.

I was attracted to the array of colors used in Quiksilver's silky garments - particularly because I am desperate to update my wardrobe with less black. So it comes to no surprise that I ended up wearing one of their paint-splattered tops over the Lake Victoria dress along with my Chloe shoes. Also, Quiksilver has these sweet boyfriend jeans that are much more affordable than say… Alexander Wang's.

Here are the rest of the Quiksilver It-Girls and click on the picture to see behind-the-scene footage and a more detailed description of what each girl is wearing

I know, having any form of pockets around my waist-line proves a cumbersome, repetitive pose. 

Source: QSW blog

ETA: Ted and I are going to see Britney tonight!! Anyone else going?? Twitter me if so!

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53 responses:

  1. I'm so impressed with that collection. I love how all you girls styled the looks but I love the skirt you chose. xo

  2. ps have so much fun at Britney tonight! Hopefully she'll yell out some crazy talk ;)

  3. I absolutely love that collection. You guys look so great!

  4. you look amazing...I love how you styled it!

  5. sigh. you all look amazing. especially loving the skirt you're wearing! :-D


  6. I would have never thought Quicksilver could be so cool, I used to love the brand when I was like 13, good to know that love can continue :-D

  7. Those Chloé shoes are like nothing else.

    juliet xxx

  8. thats so nice!!
    good luck with that!

    -Marc Jacobs magic Fall 09
    -Chloe for Opening Ceremony
    -Pirates of the Caribbean 4?!

  9. tres chic! love this collection and your ensemb simply devine!

  10. supermodel raych!

    love this line.
    and the blogger meet-up must of been

    enjoy britney


  11. love your skirt and heels! =)

    xx Jessie

  12. im going to see britney in june!!

    and love this, so digging quicksilver at the moment.

  13. omg...i just can't stop staring at your chloe shoes and dress... i just love love love them. i think your pose is totally seductive. i don't mind seeing them twice.

  14. ahhh!! look at all those bloggers!! lol. I love your skirt andddd SHOESS!!! you look stunningg!!

    The Voguette

  15. Anonymous

    lovely!!! :)

  16. hahahaha

    this cant be happening! WOw you dropped by my new baby blog. Pretty fahntastic.

    Thank you so much!

  17. You found me- Fray

    stuck in my head.. sorry I'm happy dancing! Hope you have an awesome weekend.

  18. I nearly just died, I've been in love with those chloes for ages, I'm trying to find a pair on ebay, but no such luck so far

    this looks like it would be so awesome, and I freaking love that wal you guys are standing in front of, it oddly reminds me of my old highschools folding wooden indoor bleachers, but much better :P

  19. This is so amazing! Your outfit and Taghrid's are both so lovely.


  20. hi, there! i like the most your summer look here. the print of the QS top looks really great with that skirt. and the bandage shoes is just perfect! love your hair and accessories too.

    i'll add you to my links, Rachel. :)

  21. Can't believe this is Quiksilver! Loving the whole line especially those flared jeans. Love the way each look can be swapped and worn with something else within the line. Like the flares with the cropped jacket and pink shirt. LOVE IT!!!!!!

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  23. you look amazing in colors! i love!!!

  24. Greeting from Sweden!

    Cant wait to see what you'll be posting next :)

    take care

  25. Pwetti! :) You make me feel all summery with the clothes.

  26. what an AMAZING collection--perfect for spring!

  27. Cool top, love the shoes! Oh yeah and about the flea market, it is huge! They have it around the airport there on the 3rd sunday of every month. The prices are great too! Here's their site:

  28. This is such a cool ensemble. I've been so curious about Quicksilver since i saw they were doing all these contemporary lines. I used to wear their stuff when i was younger, but it was more of 'suffer style' pieces.
    I'm loving the direction they're taking!

  29. I spot my bebe heels!!!!!

    you look so beyond lovely. ♥

  30. Absolutely splendid and hot dress collection. Those looks more stylish with summer shoes.

  31. I too love this collection. Those jeans are fab and they look very flattering.

  32. i absolutely love your chloe shoes eversince the day you posted them on here on your site. you all look great in that picture. ;)

  33. The whole outfit is fabulous, particularly the shoes ! they are amazing

    Have a great evening.

  34. Hi! Very nice outfit. You all look great!


  35. this is awesome :) everyone looks amazing!

  36. so cool! i'm loving the quiksilver line and you look really great!!

  37. wonderful summer wear :)
    nice colours

  38. you look so smokin-supermodel in this photo!

  39. Love your blog! Exchange links?

  40. the color block skirt is great on you!

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  42. Anonymous

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