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pink and black

April 25, 2009

Shown is an outfit worn Wednesday and only now am I getting the chance to post it. This is one of those outfit that I look back on and wonder what I was thinking that morning; strangely, I somewhat-kinda like it. I'm milking this lipstick for all its worth before I bronze up in the summer because soon then, the shade no longer juxtapose nicely against my skin tone.

Top: Erin x RVCA | Jeans: Stella McCartney | Shoes: Harley

This afternoon, I went to the Alex & Chloe warehouse sale with Taghrid and we were surprised at the selection and labels there! We both snagged some awesome pieces and I'm excited to wear it! Perhaps if you pester Taghrid enough, she'll update her blog and show you what she got too! Sadly, we did not make it to The Row sale; please share any info if you went! But if you're in LA tomorrow, there is also another warehouse sale you might not want to miss. Ahem, Grey Ant!

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32 responses:

  1. The boots are so so good. Love the outfit and REALLY love the make up. I'm really into this picture. You two are so lucky to have gone, wish I could have gone to both sales.

    +nail color is great

    KISS, China L.

  2. Great outfit! Love everything :-) Glad u had fun at the sale - super envious ;-D


  3. Your lips!!!! The color of the lipstick looks so good on you! Really jealous because i can't get away with this color. :)

  4. That is such an incredibly chic outfit. I love the boots with it!

  5. I really love the lipstick, it's almost barely there but upon second glance you notice what a gorgeous color it is!

  6. I'm so jealous of the warehouse sales you girls get to attend. Sadly living in Manitoba, Canada, we have no such events. You must have copped some amazing finds! Post!

    x Antonia

  7. i love this outfit.
    you look fantastic. those boots are killer.

  8. amazing outfit wonderfully put together

  9. I looveee your jeans. The top is great too. So jealous of all your sales right now! I was hoping to be in LA in time for the Row sale but sadly won't be for a while now. Can't wait to see what else you got! xx

  10. wow, great pants and great shirt!

  11. i'm loving it, specially because of the boots!

  12. amazing boots.
    love them!

    cool blog, xx

  13. thanks for stopping by my blog archives. come visit whenever you want. :)
    and yeah, a psychic told me a few years ago i spend more time on the 4th dimension (astral plane) than the third. and problem is that i just think everyone else is on that level too.
    soo, i became a reiki master and love to show newbies how to get there...

  14. I dig this look, looking forward to seeing your Alex & Chloe finds. :)

  15. i love the boots! so rock on! hihi
    have a great day!

  16. the boots! gorgeous.
    and the nail colour is a nice touch.

  17. The outfit is cool, and I like your shirt :D

  18. Mmm i LOVE the shirt + boots. Do show us what you got in the sale! :)

  19. I want to wear lipstick now too!

  20. love this! gorgeous :) and love love love these boots :)

  21. You rocked that make up! You look more feminine than gothic(i'm assuming that it's supposed to be gothic/punk)

  22. You are so cool!
    you have a amazing blog,


  23. awesome look. The boots are amazing too!


  24. Oh man I need that shirt! Looking good.x

  25. what a perfect outfit!!
    love your blog!

  26. love the blouse, and i wish i didn't live in the middle of america so i could go shopping with blogger friends. haha

  27. Ooh I love the white jeans!

  28. love love love this girlie!! we need to hang out and do more fun blogger things x

  29. Gawwwwd those boots are killer!!! Not to mention that top ;)

  30. i'm in love with the color of your lipstick here, i try to find it everywhere but cant find. whats the brand of the lipstick? please tell me, im dying on my curiosity ;)
    many thanks :)

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