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April 28, 2009

Mike & Chris is one of my favorite labels for jackets - well, a big hit or miss for me. I'm not sure what is true about the rumors circulating (keep hearing different stories), but if anyone has a clear depiction on the label, please share!

Anyways, at the warehouse sale this previous weekend I saw racks and racks of Mike & Chris. Heaven. On. Earth. I'm not really into cropped jackets, but this one sort of spoke to me behind a few nylon ones. Low and behold, I kinda fell in love after trying it on. What I especially love are these massive collars that can be played up or down - versatility, yay.

The dress is from American Apparel, and I'm also wearing Seychelles boots.

Anyone going to Unique LA this weekend?

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32 responses:

  1. That jacket is perfection! I also have a bit of a love/hate relationship with jackets, I think it's hard to find one that doesn't swallow up an outfit, and this one balances style and function- super duper!


    P.S. Care to exchange links?

  2. Oh Loooove the jacket. Im wish we had sample sales in Glasgow.... poo

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  3. Beautiful jacket! Love this this outfit, especially paired with those kick-ass boots.

  4. Love the jacket! And your photos look so amazing, great!

  5. the boots are killer. love to pair them with my little 90's floral dresses. they'd be the perfect partner.

    as for the coat, it looks amazing on you. you look like you're up for espionage. bond girl action maybe? love the back trench details.

  6. Reallyy love the neck on that coat, like a mini trench! Love your boots also xx

  7. Great outfit, the boots are super cool!

  8. love the cropped jacket and the shoes are fab as well! great pics!!

  9. love that outfit! you have an adorable blog, would you be interested in exchanging links? I already added you to my list!

  10. Mike&Chris make amazing jackets, you look fab!x.

  11. thedoc

    Good choice! I got my first jacket by Mike & Chris 2 weeks ago, its so soft and flattering.... to bad its sooo HOT now in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Love the collar on your jacket, great boots too!

  13. the jacket seems perfect. the fact that it's cropped adds a little twist to it. it wouldn't be this cute if it was longer.

    oh, and the boots...

  14. Hey!

    You look pretty in this picture! I am not a big fan of cropped jackets either but this one looks great. It finishes off your outfit really well. =]

  15. great and simple outfit- totally my taste. The boots are amazing

  16. The jacket looks fantastic on you!

  17. hmm .. that creamy jacket, looks cute and adorabled too :) Looks great with the outfit tho :)

  18. I always like seeing how ppl interpret a simple item like a black cotton dress and take to the next level. Great outfit!

  19. jacket is awesome..i could never pull it off =) you look so cute

  20. Lady, Ive grown to love your blog more and more. Those shoes are the shazam.

  21. I see why you love the jacket =) Those shoes are so cute!

  22. oh god, Mike & Chris jackets are the best..... I have the softest comfiest blue hoodie from them, but I would love to own a leather one!

    yours is such a great piece! especially for spring.

  23. Anonymous

    easy does it. i went to unique la last year. i might go again. dope.

  24. love the jacket and those boots!

  25. love your style!


  26. Gorgeous boots! Also I love the dark lipstick on you in your previous post!!


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