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April 13, 2009

I was so excited when I scored this Yaya Aflalo skirt at Wasteland. I especially loved it more after I looked it up online and noticed the incredible amount of money I saved! It's the perfect length and the crinoline included adds great volume! I <3 Wastelands.

I'm also wearing a Da Nang sweater that can't stay on my shoulders (or hanger for that matter), so I just give in to the sweater and wear it down -- just so long as I have my Urban Outfitters vest to hold it up. Lastly, the boots are really old Aldos. 

BTW, if you check my sidebar, I added a search engine that lets you search keywords in all my posts. I think every blog needs to have this for everyone's convenience! So, here's where I learned how to do it and if you still have any questions, feel free to email me.

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49 responses:

  1. oh so beautiful! love yout blog and style <3

  2. I freaking love wasteland! the one on Haight in San Francisco is my favorite, always go there whenever I'm in town, aren't they doing an online shop pretty soon? cannot freaking wait

    that skirt is epic, but I think I'm in love with the vest, how did I not see that a UO?

  3. You are so adorable! I love the vest.

  4. wonderful outfit! the vest is my fave :D
    please check out my new blog =]
    hannah x

  5. Very cute! I feel like your style is evolving and I love it.

  6. Love the skirt and the vest.

  7. This combination works great, very imaginative!:) Love it! The vest is so beautiful. I also love your shoes, very Ann Dem. :)

  8. Thanks for the tip! Love the way you've combined the sweater with the skirt to create something new, I love doing things like that.

  9. Mwah!

    wow that must be uncomfortable to have it hanging like that?

    i think just a simple tank would work well separately with each piece

    so a tank with the vest
    and a tank with the sweater

  10. I really love you outfit in theese pictures. I would love to have that vest.And the black skirt.

  11. Gorgeous! love they way you're wearing it *.*

  12. i love the has just the right amount of volume and that length is perfect!
    you have such amazing style


  13. Love the idea of adding a search bar! I added one to my blog : )

  14. I love the volumnous skirts, I am so into that look right now. And I laughed when I read about the sweater not staying on the hanger, that is my pet peeve! xx

  15. That outfit looks amazing. I am especially in love with your vest. I want it!
    But paired together with the skirt and the drop shoulder sweater, it looks even more amazing.

  16. love the vest!

    -Chloe for Opening Ceremony
    -Johnny Depp as Duchamp

  17. Such a beautifully delicate vest!! I love your skirt too! xxoxoxo

  18. This outfit is one of my favorite look from you!!! That Urban Outfitters sequin vest used to be on my wish list!!! I totally missed it in the store. You paired it wonderfully with your new skirt. I really get your excitement about getting such a great deal.

    PS. I just opened my vintage store...check it out if you feel like it!

  19. LOVE this on look amazing!

  20. I didn't know that vest came in that color! I have it in black and silver but for summer DEFINITELY like the neutral better.

  21. i really love that skirt, it's so pretty. getting a bargain is always a good feeling too..

  22. The vest is beautiful! The beading is gorgeous

  23. love your vest

    the crumpet girls

  24. great outfit! love this vest a lot! and your boots haha, the music on your blog is great!! xoxo

  25. love ethe skirt..and the vest haunts me..i sooo want!

  26. that off the shoulder shirt is great. newcomer to your blog. i think it's great!

  27. Just found your blog, your style is so creative, loving the way you put things together.

    Oh and you have a hot haircut :)

    - frouu

  28. That is such an adorable outfit!!

  29. that vest is the perfect little dainty addition, and that skirt is a great find.

    i love your style, there's just some sort of natural ease about it and about your blog. gorgeous all around, added you to mah blogrolllll

  30. Aww I love your blog! Can't believe I've only just found it! And your vest is too awesome! Love the way you've put this together, it's so fresh

    xx Jessie

  31. I want your vest :D ! ..and the skirt is so adorable.

  32. I saw that vest at UO a while ago and now I'm really pining for it!

  33. What a refreshing outfit! I love everything about this. Don't you love finding things that are still more expensive elsewhere? :) Great find!

  34. love this look! i need to get out of jeans and shorts and embrace my feminine side more! i like how it falls off the shoulders too :)

    oh and thanks for search tip thing! will add it myself for sure, thanks for sharing.

    xxx bel

  35. hello, gorgeous!! your hair looks so silky and perfect. did you like your newest quiksilver photo?

  36. so cute! love the vest and boots!!

  37. that sweater is amazing + these shots have that perfect lighting
    you are sooooo freaking gorgeous.

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  39. i like how the sweater is worn like that (since it's falling as you have said). that beaded vest is the fashionable rescue to it! amazing skirt and outfit as always! :)

  40. Love how you paired the vest and sweater together- it's unexpected!

  41. Anonymous

    I am in LOVE with this vest!! I've been trying to find it online somewhere like ebay, but can't seem to!:( if you have any suggestions about where to find it, that would be great! I love your style!!

  42. Wow, I love it! You've got a really stand-out blog, I really like it. xx

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