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another one bites the dust

April 5, 2009

Yet another dust-collected piece in my closet. I can't help to be reluctantly drawn to this Chanel inspired tweed jacket that is almost too too girly for my taste, but I do love a random pop of color every now and then. 

I remember when I bought it at a Ron Herman sale years ago (seriously, they have the BEST sales... RIP the Ron Herman at South Coast Plaza), it was one of the very first things I splurged on. One of those things I can't leave the store without. I guess in a way, it has some sentimental value.

Jet jacket, Cheap Monday jeans, Seychelles boots, Erin x RVCA tank (thank you Kristin), and a sick belt I picked up at Goodwill.

P.S. I really don't know why my left hand looks blue in the picture!?! Please don't judge, it was the camera's fault!

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55 responses:

  1. your tank..what a great find! and i love the belt!

  2. loving the belt, and that jacket is Just Too Cute!


  3. awesome belt and tank top. this outfit is gorgeous, and the rings are rad too xx

  4. I'm really loving your accessories.. your boots are hot and that jacket is cute. Love it all. x

  5. yeah, that jacket is so Chanel;D love ur outfit;)))

  6. i've adored your blog for ages!

    s'il te plaît,
    come visit me at

    mille bisous!

  7. i've adored your blog for ages!

    s'il te plaît,
    come visit me at

    mille bisous!

  8. ahh the hand thing is funny, i LOVe your belt and the jacket on you is soo cute!

  9. absolutely love ur outfit, its is the right amount of girl, edgy, cool.

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  10. that belt is so amazing. I wish I found it first!

  11. im lovin the rings and the pop of color

    Vi from Cali

  12. wow! lovin' it! and great accessories you have there! :) you're so pretty too!

  13. yes, that tank is awesome!!! and the pink is cute =)

  14. the ron herman is GONE? so you've got to go all the way to west hollywood? insanity

    i need that tank. but I need the "righteousness is preferred" one even more

  15. I didn't even notice your hand's blue tint because of those rad rings...and that amazing belt.

    I'm also loving seeing you wear something so girlie/different for you.

    Gorgeous pictures.


  17. i love it!! :D

    plz check my new ebay store!


  18. It looks super hot on you ;)
    I'm DYING over that Tadashi. Outstanding. I see what you mean by the boobs though!


  19. love the dirty grey/acid wash cheap mondays. it's their best style. plus, what an amazing goodwill find. love the snake head.

  20. wow, what a perfect outfit, and the perfect details!

  21. perfect. i love every piece!!

  22. Your jacket is so divine! I love the way you tucked the top in the jeans. Great look! xxoxoxo

  23. I love the way you styled the jacket in your own not too girly way, and edged it up with the cool tank and booties

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  24. me too! I just love that chanel-esque jacket :-)

  25. wow those are gorgeous pics~

  26. SO HOT - I love it!
    x Antonia

  27. love the belt, love the rings, love the boots, love the tank - but the jacket is a bit too girly for me as well!

  28. love that belt!!!

    xx, carrie

  29. love it hon - the belt is a great buy from goodwill!

    nice pics...hope you are well :)

    xxx bel

  30. that belt is radical. I miss Ron Herman at SCP too! :(

  31. dope belt!love the rings too x

  32. Love love love crinolines and tutus, always good for added fullness!
    And yes! They totally jack up the prices of limited edition MACs on eBay! Frustrating!

  33. Ah, my favorite part is that gorgeous belt...


  34. love this outfit and how you mixed it. love the pink jacket... so chanel.

  35. That IS a sick belt.

    Love your rings.

    And your tank of course.



  36. ok swoooooooon.
    you are perfect.

  37. the jacket, the shirt, the belt... i like all! nice outfit and you have a stunning style! :-)

  38. i love your hair color!

  39. Love your gold thumb ring!!

  40. perfect outfit!! the little jacket is adorable ;-)

  41. Damn, I'm so jealous of that belt - I adore anything snake.
    You look hot!! I think this is deffinatley my favourite outfit that I've seen you in.


  42. I love your belt and your jewellery and your jacket. Heck I love the entire outfit!

  43. I love the fit of this tank! And i love your style, seriously.

    Happy Easter :)

  44. Love the belt! In fact, I'd like to use one of these photos in a post about blogger's jewelry. If that's an issue, let me know...

  45. what a great find! and i love the belt!

  46. lovely, even if you are in a different scenario, you dont lose your beauty, also your outfit is so amazing that I could tell to everybody that you are a pretty woman.

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