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March 15, 2009

Yesterday was James and I's one year anniversary! We went to Melting Pot, a favorite restaurant of ours, and took some pictures on his camera afterwards.

I wanted to dress up just for the spirit of the day and because it was pi day ( = 3.14159265).

I'm wearing a piece of fabric that I strategically wrapped into a dress. I promised a DIY on this, but I apologize that I'm such a lazy person. The belt is vintage RJ Graziano.

Here's some food porn from Melting Pot - ugh, to die for. Take that Camille

For those that have never heard or been to Melting Pot, it is pretty much just a very intimate, overpriced fondue restaurant. I personally just go for the appetizer (of different flavored cheese) and the dessert. The entrée is a plate of raw meat, that you dip into a boiling brother consisting of wine, garlic, other herbs and vegetables, and after it cooks, you dip it into the various dips they have set up for you.

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67 responses:

  1. i dig the dress but the food photos are seriously killing me. i think i'm drooling. heh...

  2. that dress is genius! the draping is so lanvin

  3. The dress looks gorgeous. You wud never guess it was a DIY fabric job! Well done! And the food looks yummy!

    Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


  4. wow, that is an amazing dress!

  5. what a lovely dress you concocted, oh the food especially the desert is to die for! Funnily enough my calculus teacher decided to celebrate Pi day as a class it was so much fun

  6. That belt is unbelievable! You look great as always :)

  7. Olivier

    Your look is basically always killer. When and are you and Ted making a video again!

  8. your belt is absolutely gorgeous! want it...

  9. rachel you are so babe!! dress, hair, and belt are all totally on point!!

  10. everyone i know that loves the melting pot says they go there just for dessert!
    i really like the belt and your fabric dress, well done :)

  11. the melting pot is so yummy. good choice. also, your belt is gorgeous!

  12. i'm in love with the belt, hair, and dress. i'll have a strawberry while i'm at it.

  13. You look beautiful babe!

    You know I love foodie pictures.

  14. aw you are so prettiful!

    *girl crush*

  15. om g that sounds SOOO good right now, especialyl considering that i'm starving. cool dress:)

  16. ughh my mouth is watering.
    that dinner beats creme brulee!

  17. i love melting pot, its so unique... but i agree, totally overpriced.
    love the fabric dress esp w/ the best

  18. hey you!!!
    Love the camera ;)
    And I LOVE the melting pot.

  19. i love the shoe and your belt.

    look i've linked you.
    visit me sometime. i love your blog.

    have a great day!

  20. gorgeous x3!! Loving it.

  21. I love your dress!! It looks fantastic!
    I love your blog as well - I've been reading it for a while!
    Lovely pictures and you're just fabulous!


  22. I love your dress!! It looks fantastic!
    I love your blog as well - I've been reading it for a while!
    Lovely pictures and you're just fabulous!


  23. Hey, loved the second pic, it's so cute!

    Everything seems to be so tasty!

    Love from Spain,


  24. congrats on the one year! its an awesome achievement :) and you look really cute here!

    Brooke xx

  25. congrats honey! and what yo have done with that fabric is amazing. the belt is stunning too.
    xxx Lm

  26. That belt is amazing! Love it.

  27. oh the DRESSSSSS.
    you look beautiful and the food pics are making me ravenous.

    congrats on the one year girl!

  28. Ohhh. this restaurant looks SO good! yummy yummy :-)

    + i'm absolutly in love with your belt since the first day i've seen you wearing this vintage fabulous piece!


  29. I love your belt. And mmm, yummy yummy food.

  30. You look amazing....Hub and I love the melting pot too!

  31. wait, did you write that the dress was a piece of fabric draped to make a dress?!?! FABULOUS. You look gorgeous, as usual, my dear!

  32. your skin looks radiant with that off shoulder, love the belt too. :-)

  33. Love your outfit!
    And that foood.. mm..

  34. love what you ddi with the fabric!! and congrats on the 1 year anniversary!!!! love that belt and your smiling pic you are absolutely beautful!! xoxo

  35. That is one STUNNING DYI! The Graziano belt makes it all the more perfect. Kudos!


  36. i still can't get over the awesome-ness of your graziano belt!
    like dammmmmn

  37. Wow! That dress is gorgeous! You look perfect from head to toe! The food is making me hungry again...xxxoxoxo

  38. i love the dress!! how did u do it?

  39. guh, I am so hungry right now, hehe :D adn I love your belt!


  40. oh i loveee it - the melting pot is always a guilty pleasure for me!

    your outfit looks amazing reminds me of chanel 06 - esp that belt!! gorgeous girl!

  41. that dress is actually sex & chocolate. its amazing

  42. You look lovely (:
    I can't believe that is just a piece of fabric! The belt is incredible

  43. CONGRATS!! and i cannot believe you wrapped that yourself!...gorgeous. and that food looks delicious. i love the melting pot.

    best wishes to you and james. too cute :)

  44. ummmmm looks amazing...and clever dress!

  45. killer dress. gorgey gorgeousness. :]] ohh and might i add the food looks really yum yum. mad skills my dear. :]]

    much love

  46. Lily Hsu

    LOVE it!
    Maybe a weird question but what camera are you using!!! I'm looking for one I can take on holiday and your pics look great!

  47. you look stunning! and the food looks delicious!

  48. Fantastic vintage belt is cute, kisses from BARCELONA

  49. Loove that belt ! And the dress is beautiful ! :)

  50. wow, that dress out of a piece of fabric? well you look great! the belt is also a nice touch.

    mm..that food looks good.

  51. Happy Anny
    wow ur good with fabric and a belt... i miss pi day we dont have it at the school i go to now last year at my other school pi day was a BIG deal

    Vi from Cali

  52. i love the melting pot. fondue is very romantic and a bit seductive haha. my boyfriend and I went there for my birthday and it was so lovely.

  53. wow you look gorgeous! great diy, and congrats on the anniversary! xxxc


    I love that this is just fabric styled to perfection!

    By the way.... thevintagesociety is back! Finally.

  55. your belt is absolute love. i must have one like that for myself. i love the touch it adds to your dress. hooray to food porn!

  56. First of all, happy anniversary dear :) i have been reading your blog for about a year as well and I always felt like you guys were together for much longer! You guys are adorable together :)

    Also, your dress is fab, and I love the belt. Only you can make a piece of fabric look so awesome haha!

  57. Lets exchange links...
    Love your style and all your accessories!

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