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straight up and dirty

March 25, 2009

Spring break is right around the corner! I can't imagine that I'll be doing anything productive nor [that] exciting, but the break from school sounds fantastic!

I've worn this Beth Bowley cardigan to its death in highschool; and it's still one of my favorites. But the first button hole is completely mangled from only buttoning the first button (which are cute little pearls). 

James picked out this skirt from Urban Outfitters and is extremely proud that he managed to snag it between layers of discarded jeans in the sales rack (it was on sale for $20 at the store we went to... apparently not online). The tank top is from American Apparel (I want more!) and the shoes are Chloé.

ETA: I totally forgot to post this interview I did for the lovely Shantee at

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61 responses:

  1. LOVE the skirt. Very jealous of your bargain ;-D


  2. Your hair looks amazing in the picture... you look so carefree and pretty.

  3. ah i love the blue and beige combo

  4. you are killing me with this outfit - FLAWLESS>
    and which AA tank/top is that. love the neckline.

    now I must look away before I get too jealous of your legssss.

  5. I've wanted that skirt for a while but couldn't justify the pricing for something from Urban, I'm so jealous you got it for 20! Those shoes are to die for xo

  6. You look adorable! What a great outfit.

  7. I love this outfit! <3
    So cute!


  8. i love this look. it's so simple but it looks amazing. i love that you've held onto that sweater, it's very cute. i still have a heather grey men's sweatshirt from my 8th grade skater/grunge days that i wear all the time. this is the best i've ever seen those chloe's look too (i don't mean just on you, i mean on anybody).

  9. You have a killer smile - and great shoes!

  10. oooh I really like this look!

  11. Love that skirt!! *.* and also the cardi & shoes!

  12. that's a really cute outfit... the skirt is just so so adorable..pastel colours...

  13. Love your outfit! Its so cute=)

  14. You're too cute! I've been getting crazy bargains with UO lately!

  15. arghh i must have that skirt. it's the perfect skirt for spring. your boy is definitely has a good eye :)

  16. incredibly cute skirt! lucky girl.

    visit me sometime

  17. Looking good... the pale denim obsaching new heights with everyone it seems, not just me!

  18. Chris

    I have a question for you Rachel, Do you know any great tailors in Orange County?

  19. That skirt is so pretty and summary! I'm envious of your Chloe shoes and the fact that you got it in black! xxoxoxoxo

  20. absolutely love this outfit, the bits of black make it very chic! the skirt is so so so adorable.

  21. this is such a great outfit...I love those shoes!

  22. O that skirt is the cutest thing ever !! :)

  23. The skirt is a great find, you can really score at Urban sometimes!

  24. you look SOOO good in that outfit. the chloe shoes make legs look soo long, i love the skirt too:)

  25. Your whole outfit is great! love your blog!

    - Elsa and Hedda

  26. Natalie

    I feel like a stalker, but your outfit really inspired me to pull out a hand-me-down skirt from the 90s that looks like that! :) High-waisted, very similar shape, dark blue, with cream buttons down the center. Paired it with a beige top. Channeling Rachel, except more trashy. Haha.

  27. you look amazing!! LOVE IT!!! great blog!!!

  28. ive been back and forth on these chloes.. but seeing them on you definatly made me really like them. you rock them well!

  29. Love this outfit, really spring-y.

  30. Too perfect. This photo itself is perfect. Won't the wind get in the way of the skirt? I love skirts like these, but it's too windy here to walk safely...

  31. May Kasahara - I have the link up for the AA tank. It's the Sexuali Tank - seriously GET ALL THE COLORS!

    Cindy - *blush*

    Antonia - Urban is totally overpriced but their sales are heaven!

    Chris - Unfortunately, I don't know of any place. I usually tailor things myself, but I've been wanting to take a few things to "Make it Fit" in the Tustin Market Place, I'm not sure if they're still open though. My best bet for finding quality places in your city is via That website is like God.

    Natalie - Doesn't sound trashy at all to me! Do I smell a new silhouette catching on?

    Slegna - I wouldn't mind channeling a little Marilyn ;)

  32. your look is great!! nice blog :)


  33. Ya, I had quite an unhealthy obsession with her too - and these pics just re-fueled it!

    But yes, of course link swap (I added you to FB the other day too?)!

    And the pink lipstick is Dame Edna for MAC limited edition lipstick in "Gladiola". I can't live without it!

    x Antonia

  34. great outfit - I LOVE that skirt!

  35. this is my fav outfit of yours yet.

    hope to see you soon girl!

  36. looooooooooooooove that skirt - i've been eyeing a little denim F21one for a while, but this UO one kicks its butt.

    you have converted me

  37. you know what, i love you w/ short hair!

  38. omg, you are so cute..your smile is amazing!!!! and i can't believe he found you such a cute skirt! what a great BF

  39. i forgot, AA has 20% off til the end of the month online!! i posted the coupon on my blog

  40. congratulations on both your amazing steal, and on your feature on fashionista101!
    you and your outfits never fail to inspire me :)

  41. love the skirt! it looks great paired with simple cardigan and would do anything for those shoes!!

  42. Congrats on the fashionista101! And wow I wish I had a boyfriend you picked out such cute things!


  43. Love the pastel combo mixed with the black!

  44. Great outfit... want it to be warmer in Europe. I'm so ready for spring when I look at your combination!

  45. Those shoes are killer! And now I'm a fan of Out Hud. What a great song.

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  47. That is such a perfect outfit. Makes me feel spring all over. Love it

  48. (fuck off ED!)

    i love your skirt and shoes here and congrats on the feature xxx

  49. love the skirt. It reminds me of Rihanna skirt!!!

  50. that outfit is so adorable! you should come to norcal and be the stylist for all of my photos :) you know, when ever i have money and all!

  51. Loooooooove your Chloe booties!

    J x

  52. Your hair and simile looks amazing in the picture

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