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March 5, 2009

I'm tired of starting all my posts with "The". It's very limiting. I'm also already tired of my layout. I'm also tired of Lara Stone-Balmain-Alexander Wang-internet-overload. Balmain SUCKED this season; I don't see the hype at all.

Here are a few things that inspire me today.

James just bought an XSI, simply put:

Which means better wearing today pictures, more pictures, and a really happy couple.

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27 responses:

  1. i totally get u. i'm so sick of all the wang and wasson style. i still love the studded things i currently own but i'd be happy never buying one more studded piece.

  2. Yay! That camera is the sex

  3. you blog is so rad. from this post, to the layout, to the music. SO RAD.

  4. Omg! I loved Balmain aw09!

    I LOVE your inspiration board :)

  5. Is it MK or Ashley?
    Doesn't matter, I love them both.
    I just discovered ur blog by the Quicksilver thingy, but I love it.

    Love from Spain


  6. I'm sick of Balmain and AW also, but NOT Lara, haha.

  7. I love the last one

    Check me out at


  8. great boards - i'm feeling a bit off fur more and more at the mo, which would probably make my mother have a heart attack... also loving the pleated pants and metal(?) fringing pic... and OH what a difference a great camera makes lol. def know what you mean about balmain. sigh.


  9. i know! i was afraid that was going to happen with me too so i forced myself to make a definite decision in the store - i thought if i bought them that I would be able to return them if i decided they were really not worth it - but... i knew the second i bought them that i was never going to take them back. lol.

    i lovee your blog btw, these collages are fantastic! (oh and i have a cannon xsi as well. hehe. they are amazing)

    I'm linking you! <3

  10. Yay for DSLRs!! Can't wait to see some photos with it!

  11. I really love the outfit with the cropped top and the slouchy trousers!

  12. lets! ive added you to my list.. you and your blog are adorable! catch you around ;) trang
    behind the seams

  13. I haven't yet seen Balmain this season but he has admittedly been recycling the rock and roll thing a bit and I feel the need for something new. I was looking through a summer Vogue UK from 07 the other day with Stam in and I was like "aahhhh, the good old days." I don't think I've really been that "in love" with any collection since s/s 08... anyways, totally agree with the wang and lara thing, though I am guilty of posting her recently. it was in LOVE. It was merely a service to the non-british.... love the inspiration board.

  14. love those pics and new cam is fab!!

  15. I'm also tired of the Balmain overload. I like his stuff, but it's made its way onto every blog around. I can only handle so many sparkly, wide-shouldered dresses!

  16. I think Balmain is the most predictable, boring runway show of the season. Each & every season. There are some stellar pieces sprinkled in but it all looks the same!

  17. i really didnt like balmain either....and trying find soemthing new from the your inspiration here...

  18. what a great set of inspirational pictures! I love the back on that edwardian-esque blouse near the top...gorgeous!!

  19. perfect collage. i think i need a print out :) xx

  20. nice dude. That camera is so good.


  21. Congrats! I have the XTi and let me say it's so worth it!

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