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March 11, 2009

Over the weekend, James and I went to my aunt's place for my cousin's first birthday party! Warning: this is an irrelevant, picture-heavy post, but I was just having fun with James' XSI.

Such an amazing penthouse. I love the decor, and it looks much better when it's not toddler-proofed.

Birthday girl opened her presents with her mommy, selfishly ran away with her toys, then crashed from partying so hard. She is mixed half Vietnamese and half white. Jealous; Asian+White offsprings are gorgeous from birth!

Vietnamese cuisine is my absolute favorite... then soulllll food.

After an hour of listening to Itsy Bitsy Spider on the guitar and watching a really pretty clown work the room, James and I had to get out... We walked a few blocks to Olvera Street. As you walk down a plaza of street venders, you're somewhat overwhelmed by the culture's richness and beautiful, vibrant aesthetics. Definite tourist stop. 

I totally dressed down, but lately, this has been my omg-I-have-to-leave-the-house-now outfit. And James scored these sweet shoes on eBay, and I can't stop staring at his feet in envy of such a good deal.

On me:
  • Shirt: Chloé
  • Jeans: Levi's
  • Shoes: Chloé
  • Bag: Quicksilver
On James:
  • Cardigan: Cloth + Logic (JustJared did a sweepstakes, and James and I spent one night spamming the comment box for this, and he won! I laughed so hard when he told me he got an email from JustJared for his shipping address. I think, combined, we contributed a good 1000 comments.)
  • Shirt: American Apparel
  • Jeans: Levi's
  • Shoes: Comme des Garçons (so sexy, right?)

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49 responses:

  1. she's adorable in that ruffled dress!

  2. what a cutie, i'm so jealous of mixed kids too, some of my best friends are half japanese half white.
    love the look, it may be casual but its still so chic

  3. those are some great shoes. i had to scroll back a couple times just to take another peek.

    and agreed, birthday girl is adorableee

  4. God that's such an amazing apartment...Nice Chloe shoes!


  5. I love the white ruffle dress...she is so adorable! I also like your outfit...I am LOVING those shoes!

    xoxo, Shelly

  6. I love the white ruffle dress...she is so adorable! I also like your outfit...I am LOVING those shoes!

    xoxo, Shelly

  7. Anonymous

    amazing bird's view shot of the apartment!! It's amazing!!

    and you two are a stylish couple

  8. A+ for an outfit that will work for any occasion...looking lovely :)

  9. love the look into your day.
    that penthouse is killller.

    pure greatness.

    ah love all your chloe-ness beauty.


  10. ahh, that's one amazing penthouse.
    Love the "i-need-to-leave-the-house-now" outfit. I've been consumed by those lately too..

  11. Aww she's so cute. The penthous is amazing!
    I love your outfit, and your blog :)


  12. I like your outfit. Casual in a nice way.

    juliet xxx

  13. james shoes are so amazing. AMAZING.
    and that penthouse is beautiful! i wish i could live there!
    most bi-racial or multiracial kids always look so cute. :)

  14. I love the look, it's casual but it's so chic amazing apartment kisses from bcn

  15. Great pics. I love how downtown LA is so hipster now. When I lived there it was still on the cusp of becoming what it is now.

  16. goodness that penthouse is absolutely gorgeous! one day I will live in one... lol.

    i love your pants!

  17. vix

    I love this post. Wish you would do more of them. Onto the outfit... fantastic! Everything from the individual pieces to the proportions are right on.

    PS. Who is James? Is he your boyfriend?

  18. Your aunt has a beautiful house! I love the spiral staircase; I've always wanted one like that. :]

    & your cousin is absolutely adorable! I especially love the picture where she's asleep, missing all the action at her party. ;]

  19. what an amazing space...great pics:)

  20. Amber Chi

    yes the whole half asian/half caucasian child is such a huge growing trend over the past couple years, the statistics are ridiculous, especially in california.

    lol i think most asian women are just not have satisfying relationships with other asian men anymore so they turn to white men who they think are superior to have cute babies!

  21. I really like these photos, so cute :) your cousin is way too cute, by the way. Amazing penthouse!

    You look fabulous. So chic but such a simple look!


  22. i love your outfit! and the new layout aswell. so clean and simple i love it! xo

  23. 1. The apartment looks amazing! Minimalism decor is my favorite, i love how much sunlight comes from the windows.
    2. Your cousin is way too cute. That little white dress is adorable!
    3. Totally in love with your outfit. You really make the laid-back yet cool style. And so effortlessly!
    4. Thank you so much. I'm not really used to those kind of comments *blushes*

  24. ur little cousin is too cute.. i love the party hard crash hard picture lol

    ur outfit is cool i like the bag... got a close up?

    Vi from Cali

  25. Teehee the kids are so cute! They have great dress sense /dressers too ;-D

    You're both looking gorgeous. V jealous of the market fun :-D


  26. Anonymous

    I know this is already going to be taken as an offensive comment, so I wont even bother with saying "no offense"

    From looking at your pictures, I can see that you have a great sense of fashion, and very eclectic style. But I also don't think you put things together nicely. Trying to wear 5 trends at one time just ends up looking a hot mess. Take Nicole Richie for example, she always looks so put together and chic, because she doesn't over do it. She also wears clothing that flatters her body. You wear so many things that just don't look good on you. I think it's great to be into fashion and all that, but sometimes you just end up looking ridiculous, instead of "chic"

  27. It would be awesome if it actually came from Doug but alas no. I just kind of made it up but I guess I'm not that original...

    Dude that loft is freaking fabulous. I think the iron-casted stair case is what makes it. No?

  28. I really like your blog & your style.
    I'm definitely keeping you as one of my favorite blogs on my blog roll :)

  29. gyeahhhhhh HAPA power!

    You two look great. Love all the photos.

  30. thanks girl ♥
    just linked you too!

    * * *btw - just took a closer look at James' shoes and WOW. yeah. those are SICK. kinda wish they had girls versions * *

  31. I love Olvera St! I used to take the train there when I was little. I should do that again soon.

  32. aww no need to be jealous! half Asians and half white all look the same in a wayy... i would know
    and we always get mixed up

    love your outfits. so complimentary!

  33. Wow, what a nice apartment! I think mixed raced kids looks very adorable and unique. xxoxoxoxoxoxo

  34. Gorgeous photos! The birthday girl is adorable

    Visit me at Vintage Tea!


  35. your aunts place is GOOOOORRRRGGGEEEOUUUSSSS!

    and it is looking like June! WOOO hello newport here i come!

  36. SOOOO cute. Love that she passed out from all the hard-partyin' :-) Hell yeah, half asians rock, haha!

  37. NIce pics. I just discovered your blog and I do love your style!!
    Add in my favs :-)

  38. killer style, you and your boy look great.

  39. that house/studio would be my future dream love nest. imagine white canvases, paint cans, and a cute boyfriend. woow.

    i can't wait for our shoot.

  40. your james look very stylish..and you look awesome as always! your aunt has a huge house!!! OMG!

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  42. Anonymous

    Totally agree with the half asian, half white baby thing. They always turn out to be stunningly beautiful people....I've always wanted mixed babies.

    If you and james had kids they'd definitely be part of the gorgeous mixed babies circle ;)

  43. So cute ! I have a little boy to !! We can match them ;) But mine is younger , his 6 month old :) ! Lov your blog ! Wanna exchange link ??

  44. oh yay for family time :) lovely snaps. especially love those markets many gorgeous colours!

    xx LM

  45. Gorgeous blog and pics!! And you're so right - Asian + Caucasian kids are gorgeous. Glad i found you! :-)

  46. like every pic in this post...the living room and steps make a great place..and you added beauty to them...

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