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lips stained red from a bottle of wine

March 8, 2009

I met up with my twin this weekend for some awesome thrifting in Long Beach. We had time to kill before dinner dates with our boyfriends, so we crashed at her sister's place to release our alter egos in front of the camera.

Jane whipped out MAC lipstick in Cyber to smear layers on our lips. I have to say, I like the way it looks - a lot, but it contours my face differently than what I look like without it. Definite alter-ego ready.

Jane also has a blog, Mimi-kos, but has stood strong that she is really over the burden of blogging. She may be back if you spam her email with requests for new posts!

We're both wearing thrifted jewels discovered in Long Beach, except my jumper that I bought at a boutique closing business. I need to get a better shot of it because it really is one of my favorite pieces that I own. (BTW, fuck 4th street, totally overpriced.)

P.S. I tweeked my blog layout again. How easily I get bored.

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64 responses:

  1. i love the stain red wine leaves on my lips.....i may have to investigate this lipstick...

  2. Aw no fair I want to hang out with you Raych. Haha, actually I wouldn't mind the both of you. You're both so pretty, and I love the lip color! I'm going to go buy some more lipstick now haha. That dress she has is so brilliant.

    + Oh I emailed you back a little bit ago.

    + I love that bit for quiksilver you did with taghrid and krystal. You look so gorgeous babygirl.

    miss you, China L.

  3. that color really suits you! ;)

  4. wow you guys really look like you could be twins. are these photos with the new XSi? they look wonderful

  5. wow, that's really dark but pretty!

  6. omg that first photo is gorgeous!!! that lipstick color really suits you! I'm a little scared to dabble in lipstick territory but it definitely suits you!!!

    btw, congrats on the quiksilver shoot!! all my highschool outfits just came FLOODING back at me.

  7. oh wow! such a sexy lip colour!

  8. where'd you go in long beach?
    TELL ME!

  9. you ladies look sexxxy! i love that color with the white dress!

  10. You look so pretty, Raych!
    Loving the first pic of you, everything is very Alexander Wang campaign-esk.

  11. wow. beautiful pictures,
    both of you look amazing.,
    - Karen

  12. hannah

    just beautiful!
    i have a lip stain from lorac, and i absolutely adore it... i'm always on the lookout for wine colored lip shades...
    thanks for the rec. i will defintely be on the lookout for mac cyber

  13. you both look so gorgeous. i love the lips!

    Visit me at Vintage Tea!


  14. love theese pics.
    the dress is lovely.
    like your blog.

  15. That lipstain is intense but you both manage to pull it off well!

  16. This is too coooooooooooool and makes me want some wine...or that lipstick..hope they carry it here so I can have a quick fix.

  17. i think not everyone could pull off the colour of the lipstick...dark wine red... it gives the wearer a mysterious look.. but if i were to wear it, i think i would look like i've been poison or something

  18. That lip colour looks great on you! I've been seeking out a really delicious berry color but alas haven't found 'it' yet. I did find my perfect red lipstick - finally! :)

    teach me!

  20. aah that lipstick looks so good on you! Unfortunatly my lips are too thick so I can't wear that color.. Oh and love her dress too!

  21. That colour really suits you!
    And i love your dress :)

  22. The lipstick is absolutely amazing! :-)

  23. I was wondering how you get the music to start automaticly? Could you send me the URL or HTML you are using as an example?

  24. What ana amazing colour of lipstick!!! *.* and love love that black dress!

  25. I love it! such a great color :-)

  26. You guys are so pretty...I love that lip color!

  27. this is simply gorgeus... i love the lipstick and even your friend dress!!!

  28. You both look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!

    Loving the lippie.


  29. yeah 4th street is really overpriced...but there's this AID's Benefit place down further where every shirt is about a buck. I always find really cool mugs there for like 25 cents.

  30. Ted

    Jane and Rachel are hottays. call me when you get this, and when you see the youtube video I posted on your facebook.

    peas and love

  31. I love the look. It makes you look so mysterious.

  32. gorgeous ladies!!!!! she does look like you a bit =)

  33. Tina

    omg can you please tell me where she got her top/dress? i've been looking for something like that! you guys look fabulous by the way. :)

  34. aww I love it!!! you look amazing in that 1st pic! the lipstick looks insane on both of you :D


  35. Love the pics,you both look like models

  36. This is absolutly divine.
    I'm in love with these photos... i really like the atmosphere
    + this lips colour suits you PERFECTLY.

    check out my new post :)


  37. And to answer, YES. definitly we have to exchange links :)
    adding you right now!

  38. new layout is fab! and you both look stunning! def twins! love it.

    xxx love LM

  39. you look great! I cant decide which one is my favorite! Love this wine lipstick, your teeth looks whiter..I also use it :)

    I like your blog

  40. Wow! I love your black dress, it's beautifull and so sexy!!!



  41. AHH looks so good. I want a tube of wine-red / currant lipstick.

  42. Oh Lord.. could you girls be any more gorgeous!? The MAC lipstick is totally stunning; you def. pull it off. I'd look like a clown if i even attempted to try it out!

  43. i like the lip color! i had the same lipstick on in my lat post. i combined blue and pink together. then it came out- purple-ish!!!

  44. oh i am not in school hon! im on the hunt for a job, so exhausting!

    keep up the hard work, spring break isn't too far away :)

    xxx LM

  45. i love these, you can pull of any look my darling x

  46. Thankx for the comment gorgeous!
    Waw! A mix of Talullah Morton and Jessica Biel, it's too flattering!


    Bye, ... Lucy Liu!

  47. You two look stunning! I love how dramatic the lipstick is---it can totally change a look!


  48. i LOOOOOVEE that lip color! i even wrote it down cause i must buy it this weekend

  49. i always thought a darker lip color stands out- especially in pics :) it suits you very well and the dress.. drool! love the sheer!

  50. that lipstick looks so good on the both of you. i love your twin's dress! it is amazing.

    i love the new layout.

  51. hmmm when your friend is lying doen with her arm over her forehead, she looks like me from when i was at prom(I had dark dark lipstick too). Just in this particular picture though

  52. love it love it love it!!!
    you look perfect!!!!!!
    love your blog!!!

  53. OMG you are simply rocking!!! and the smiles are killing

  54. that first photo is gorgeous!!! that lipstick color really suits you! I'm a little scared to dabble in lipstick territory but it definitely suits you!!! china manufacturing

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