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March 22, 2009

I wish that California's weather was actually stable and stopped switching off, as in, Monday was a perfect 77 degrees and yesterday was a bitter 60. Honestly, switching from warm to cold weather throws me off, particually because I'm glad I can throw on a skirt and not have to look back at my fall wardrobe. Alas, I'm stuck throwing on a leather jacket and boots that I'm more than tired of wearing; I desperately need to find a better alternative.

But what I do like about my outfit is this gorgeous chiffon, jewel encrusted tunic underneath. The intricate details are lost in this picture, but for that reason, I'm a little afraid of wearing it. I bought this years ago, probably two or three years ago, and I think I'm ready to embrace it again. I can't wait to wear it with white leggings and white 5' sandals once the weather heats up again.

Shirt: Auqa | Jacket, leggings: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Harley Davidson

ETA: This is a very interesting documentary of Carine Roitfeld. You can watch the rest of the documentary (part 2 and 3) on YouTube.

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43 responses:

  1. This is so gorgeous! Dude you are so hot haha. It's raining on and off here I love it though. Almost all my clothes are winter based. So I suffer during the sum/spring ToT.

    + I adore modest mouse!

    love you, China L.

  2. love the outfit. you look so hawt!
    you have a lovely blog and smile! =)

  3. Anonymous

    seriously... california weather in this tentative in-between fall/spring time is so annoying for picking out an outfit in the morning.

  4. yup, i hate the weather in northern ireland too... it could be sunny and warm one day, and chilly and windy the next... but i'm looking forward to some minimal wear as i hate wearing coats and sweater everytime..

  5. Awww girl you so pretty. Can't wait to see the bejeweled tunic top worn the way described...sounds heavenly!

  6. Amazing shirt!! and great outfit =)

  7. california and florida weather are alike. sometimes, it rains the whole morning and at lunch time, it stops. the florida toasty weather kicks in!the craziest part? it is raining on the other side of the street and across it is fine! duh!

  8. i know what you mean, it can get pretty tiring having to get dressed in the same clothes over and over again, while you wait for the next season to come. the same thing is happening to me, i love being able to throw on two or three items of clothing and be ready to walk out the door. but i'm really anxious to start wearing my new coats, jackets and boots.
    the good thing is that you don't look boring at all, and that's not an easy thing to achieve when the season is coming to an end!

    (sorry about the super long comment!)

  9. Love your leather jacket! I couldn't find a perfect one for me yet. Thank you for posting the Carine Roitfeld video, now I'm off to watch it. xxoxoxo

  10. Love the outfit, And I watched the documentary. she is quite an inspiration

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  11. i love your outfit. feminine tops against the rest of whole ensemble. I love your jacket.

  12. Great video! I love the leather jacket!

    juliet xxx

  13. love this outfit, i cannot get enough of leather jackets!

  14. Simple and sexy, the leather jacket is lovely kisses from barcelona

  15. love those harley booots!!!

    so ruff + hot.

    have a beautiful week.


  16. tell me about it, it snowed off and on again yesterday when the day before was 70. I love California.

  17. I love that feminine blouse with the leather jacket--a perfect combo!

  18. I loathe the weather changes too. Not that I have anything against cold weather, but I wish that we could just stick to one temperature for a while, instead of going back & forth & back again. It's annoying. & yes, it makes dressing a lot more difficult.

    Also, your shoes from Harley Davidson?! Amazing. :]

  19. Anonymous

    why are you complaining about 60 and 50 degree weather?

    its 40 degrees and lower in new jersey! lol

    but youre adorable. love your blog!

  20. You look so good in that outfit!

    And thanks for posting this video - indeed interesting and informative.

  21. Simple maybe but still really stylish.
    Maybe sometimes simplicity is the best because now i can tell you : you're fabulous.

    -New post on my blog!


  22. I love this! ...the mix of hard and soft, it is just perfect:)

  23. what did everyone think of the carine? i was surprised that she didn't seem that intelligent to me ... maybe it is the language barrier? or maybe "intelligence" and fashion intelligence are two different things?

    love the site btw

  24. I love the softness the chiffon tunic brings to your rocker chic look :)

    I wish it was 60 degrees over here, 60 is perfect wonderful to me haha it's still around 38-40 degrees where i live LOL

  25. you look awesome and i'm sorry the weather keeps changing...i wish it would be cooler where i live but the cool weather has gone and now it's back to hot and humid UGH...

  26. LOVE the leather jacket... You look great!


  27. This comment has been removed by the author.
  28. This comment has been removed by the author.
  29. love the outfit. you look really good :-)

  30. hah, we're such spoiled californians! 60 is nothing!

  31. although, almost all of ur look cannot go wrong, please dont abuse the leggings, not white, no no. i have to agree with you about the boots.

  32. Love your jacket and hairstyle¡

  33. the video is amazing!

    -new louboutin for barneys
    and marc jacobs engaged
    in my blog

  34. ohh love this outfit so much !!esp love the jacket and boots!!!

  35. Sizzlin guuurrrl! especially the leggings!

    I saw the Carine interview... it's very interesting to hear her speak, but made me sad. She speaks so delicately and when I try to speak French I sound like an angry bear! what was up w/ all the corny music though?

  36. hey girl! loving this outfit..jacket and shoes especially. and yes Australia is getting mental weather different everyday..a little consistency wouldn't hurt! xxx bel

  37. That jacket is amazing. looks fantastic with the Harley boots.

    J x

  38. love this outfit..jacket and shoes especially

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