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dancing all night in our prettiest clothes

March 30, 2009

Hands down, this is probably one of my favorite pieces in my closet. How come I've never showcased this amazing jumper? I really don't know; blame it on the weather. But I think MAC's Cyber and I are best friends now. I love dark lippies. 

The jumper label reads "Moon Collection - live in California". After the purchase, I was eager to look for more of their products online only to be disappointed that even Google couldn't pick up a website. What's even more sad is that I purchased this at a boutique close-out sale, so I will never be reunited with this label again. 

Speaking of being reunited, I hope that I come across these Jeffery Campbells again in two weeks, you know, once I get my paycheck!

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108 responses:

  1. SO hot! Love the whole outfit babygirl. You look like a sexy spyish/jbond girl.

    kiss, China L.

  2. wow! i love the jeferry campbells shoe, hope you get it soon. Your outfit is so cute. all black. lippy is rocking!

  3. You look amazing!!!
    hey couldn't find your email address..

    just wanted to say..
    I'm here:

    mucho love, ELifXx

  4. Hey! I've been a lurker for a while now but I just have to pop by to say I love your blog! Oh and those shoes are amazing - you have to get them!!!!

  5. love the jumpsuit!!
    ang those boots too.. it looks like it has the most gorgeous texture

  6. love the jumpsuit!!
    ang those boots too.. it looks like it has the most gorgeous texture

  7. That jumper is so awesome! And the JC shoes? Speechless....xxooxoxo

  8. I love the jumper on you! And you can totally pull off the dark lips.... i look freaky when I try

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  9. that jumper is so flattering, you look amazing.

  10. This outfit is FIERCE
    you rock it!

  11. I like this outfit!
    So comfortable!


  12. Those shoes are amazing, I've never seen the before but now I'm searching all over the net!
    Love that jumper, it really suits you xx

  13. Wow, I love that jumper! Really, really love it!

  14. LOVE IT! You look great and the lipstick really suits you. Sad about the label :-( maybe it's fate and you will one day be reunited!


  15. Words can not express how good you look. And wow, those Jeffrey Campbells...are they new stock? Aaah time to do some Googling.

  16. oh my god! u look so amazing! the jumper is perfection it has right amount of slouchiness. There are no words to express how hot those JC shoes are, im still speechless...

    great post
    i follow ur blog, care to follow mine?

  17. Anonymous

    any idea where to find those JCs or what the style name is? Thanks!! I love em!

  18. Anonymous




    (oh god. sorry for the cap's... makes me look phyco)


  19. i adore your jumpsuit!!!looks adorable on with the white sunnies

  20. you look very cool....I love this on you:)

  21. No wonder this is your favorite piece in your wardrobe, it suits you perfectly! I also love the dark lips on you, not many can really pull this look off but it looks so cool on you.

  22. the outfit is amazing

    -karl lagerfeld quotes
    overpriced balenciaga and balmain
    Christian Lacroix for gola

  23. thedoc

    LOOVE the shoes and the jumper. And guess what? I happened to have a top of that brand(moon collection) I think that the reason why you can't find it anymore is because the name was changed to "olivia moon".

    I hope this info helps! keep us posted!

  24. holy shit i just died. the shoes are freakin' amazing. good find babe!

  25. those shoes are beautiful!! and you look amazing in the jumper!! =)

  26. those shoes are freakin' sex machines!

  27. Anonymous

    Where can i get those shoes!!!

  28. How to buy the JC shoes

    I took this picture at LF on Robertson Blvd. I think they're about $160?

    I emailed their service representative about these shoes and though they're not on the website, you can still email them about the shoes.

    Here's their email:

    Just show them a picture of the shoes that I took, and they will be able to help you from there.

    (Link to the picture of the shoes:

    Hope that helps.

  29. love the jumper hon. and those shoes - w o w. i hope you get them! they woul look mad on you :)

    xxx bel

  30. gorgeous, but you already knew that!

    Loving the shoes! nice find!

  31. Lovely outfit...I have started reading ur blog since past few days...I just noticed that u mostly go for Blacks..with ur skin u shud try loads of color...Just my opinion offenses!!

  32. OMG- love those Jeffrey Campbells!! Where did you see them? I need to do a search right now!

  33. "I am the girl you know can't look you in the eye."


    such an amazing lipstick

  35. Love the outfit & those shoes are so unique :)

  36. this look is so so cool! and the last shoes are stunning!

    ps, absolutely adores your style, would love to exchange links if you're interested? xx

  37. love the whole outfit, and I think I am going to have to steal your lipstick. Those shoes are HOT HOT HOT - how much??

  38. loveee this entire outfit, and i loveeee those shoes!

  39. Anonymous

    I'm not really liking your look. it's not very appealing (though I do love wayfarers and dark lipstick). Don't like the boots either. It's something Britney Spears would wear..

  40. what color is your lipstick brown?
    it looks really cute on you.

    I'm craving for those glasses.


  41. oh I love love love you.
    so much * * * *

  42. hot damn lady! you look fantastic. I might have to search for those Jeffrey Campbells as well!

  43. I love this outfit. The jumpsuit is adorable and looks just so great on you. Gives you this rocker touch. And the shoes, well... I understand you, why you wanna come across these again with your paycheck. Love them....

  44. You pull off the black lippy perfectly! Hope you ended up with the JC shoes of your dream! :)

  45. hi,

    would you like to trade links?


  46. Are you a fan om the MTV suces The Hills? In my blog you always get the latest gossip and pictures of Lauren, Audrina, Heidi and the rest. Now you can translate to you'r language!

  47. Are you actually wearing black lipstick?????
    If you are, hats off to you missy. I have been trying to convince my friends to wear it for ages but nobody dares.


  48. i love it!! :D

    plz check my new ebay store!


  49. LF??!

    Check out their warehouse in costa mesa... I heard they're having a warehouse sale this month!

  50. Hot outfit and amazing shoes!

  51. hey raych! i saw the moon collection brand today at common era in boulder, they had some adorable jumpsuits! thought you'd like to know.

    heres the web address:

  52. This outfit is amazing. I've been looking for a killer jumper, but I haven't found one that I've fallen in love with yet. I'm a tall girl so not many of them fit right! Are the boots Miss Sixty? I love the Jeffery Campbell shoes too.. for Christmas I got the over-the-knee suede Campbell boots in brown and black bc I loved them so much!

  53. Such a hot outfit. And are those Jeffrey Campbell shoes out now!? They're perfect, I want them too!


  54. OH.MY.GOD. those shoes, my heart aches.

    - frouu

  55. i love this look. and mac's cyber looks amazing on you.

  56. I used to work at Up Against the Wall(in VA), but they have an online store. They carry a lot of Moon Collection stuff. Hope that helps!

  57. Modcloth sells their stuff.

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