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coming from uranus to check my style

March 18, 2009

I am a firm believer in the paranormal; that said, I totally believe in parallel universes and life on other planets. (eg: astral projection - Google that shit... very interesting. I had a friend who was very into this "world" which he convinced me really exists. I'd love to hear stories if you have any.)

I often wish I lived as a 60's teenager or as an intergalactic chick living with Wall-e, alas, I am just myself. Perhaps, if I were to astrally project myself into another world, this is what I envision myself in... except with Junya Watanabe hair and makeup and Comme des Garçons veils.

Shoes | Balenciaga ; Leggings | Stella McCartney ; Belt  | Topshop ; Dress | Matthew Williamson ; Bracelet | Alexander Wang

Shout out to the reader that spotted James and I in MAC cosmetics on Monday - you looked fabulous and I wish I had my camera to take a picture of your outfit! 

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33 responses:

  1. ooo! amazing post. i love the glittery-ness of it all & the sculpted shapes of those pieces are amazing; the dress is so so lovely.

    & fever ray! hehe i love you for always having such fabulous songs as background music!

    love xx

  2. i love thisfuturistick look... shiny glittery and so whell shaped!

    nice post i love this inspiration!!!

  3. I love balenciaga, Nicolas is ... the best, kisses from BARCELONA

  4. Oh these pieces are so beautiful as separate pieces, image them as one outfit... mind blowing!

    Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


  5. Sweet! Love how you put the images together.

  6. love the collage and also those amazingly great leggings by stella - some great picks here.

  7. Perfection in the form of a post ;)!

    Love the! And the collage on top could come straight out of a fashion magazine.

  8. blink-always a good idea!

  9. Love the compilations Raych! Just a quick Q: what do you use to make them on your mac? I'm trying to find a good program.

  10. Space-chic! Those shoes are killing me! I think it'll be fun to work around in astral outfits and talk in alien language. xxoxoxoxo

  11. I want those leggings and that dress. I love sequins!

  12. i'm loving those stella mccartney leggings and those balenciaga shoes are to die for, the new comme de garcon collection is all sorts of wonderful

  13. lady love u have NO CLUE how HOT those balenciaga shoes are and how badly i need them! nicccceee and that stella belt DAYUM!

  14. im totally a believer myself... 2012 here we come...

    cool post.

  15. Hi Raych!

    I'm the crazy that stalked you at MAC cosmetics on Monday, I was so awkward and I am so sorry! Just was nervous. I wanted to tell you that I love your blog and to keep it up! ps I live in irvine and my best friend and I write

    check it out and let me know what you think! :)
    Thanks for being so cool!

  16. I live in woodbridge, at home with my family. I go to Cal Poly Pomona. YOu go to UCI, right? BTW, thank you for being so gracious.

  17. rz


  18. i love this post. i have an unnatural obcessesion with shiny things.

  19. and oddly gemma's no where to be seen!

    gawd those balenciagas are to die for. they'd probably been insanely comfortable too with that forgiving fabric, either that or not supportive enough to be comfortable, either way I'm dying for them hehe

  20. tia

    very lady gaga/ britney spearsish chic

  21. This is really cool!
    I'm in love with these leggings :)


  22. MMmmm so pretty. I want to look otherworldly...

  23. those stella leggings are gorgeous!!

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  25. Love all the sparkling clothes. I am in love with the dress from Matthew Williamson:)

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