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a bad impersonation of myself

March 28, 2009

Some recent editorials that are haunting my inspiration folder.

Photocredit: tFS + fotodecadent

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24 responses:

  1. Oooooooh! LOVING those! I usually don't look at Vanity Fair, but those are ACE! Loving the candles one too.

    Great eye :-D


  2. bEST SUICDIDE SONG<3 oh shit!!!

  3. love anja and those pictures of her are amazing;D deffinitely someone i can be proud of as polish;)))
    diono tabbers pictures are gr8 too;D

  4. they're all so different and all so great! :D

  5. i love each and everyone!
    great post
    i just added u to my bloglovin care to add me?

  6. ohhh amazing shots!!that's real fashion!!

  7. I love your collection of photos! Really inspiring! :)

  8. I love Anja in almost every shoot she's been in. Her legs are to die for.
    So glad another blogger is into earth hour! I got reemed out by a reader for celebrating it, but in my opinion, every little bit helps. xo

  9. i love all these editorials.

  10. xxx

    porn and fashion <3

  11. cool photos!! and your outfit below is so chic, love the shoes!!

    ps, absolutely adores your blog, would love to exchange links if you're interested? :)


  12. Anja is just too sexy for her own good!! The Vanity Fair clips are gorgeous!

  13. love the vanity fair shots especially.

    Also, totally did the earth hour thing. very cool idea.

  14. Amazing editorials! I love the one with Anja the best! xxoxoxo

  15. I looove Chadwick Tylers photos! And the images from the Du Jour magazine editorial. You have amazing taste :)

  16. love the top & bottom editorials - that second one super creeps me out haha.

    i amn such a big fan of goofy geek-chic photos, especially ones that feature looks of ubercute surprise

  17. these are such awesome photos

  18. Awesome photos! I love the Vanity Fair ones, though :)

  19. hehe Karlie Kloss looks scary for real. And dujour mag ed is very pretty.

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