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The Denim Vintage Victim

February 17, 2009

Today I'm feeling especially lazy and sloppy, but I get to wear these awesome Levi's I picked up from my new friend Billy's shop called Denim Blue Vintage. James originally introduced me to this place as it was one of his favorite thrift shops during his highschool years. Definitely check out Billy's shop if you're ever in Huntington Beach. Hopefully, I can arrange an interview with Billy for more insight of his fabulous taste in clothes.

I never showed a close up of these awesome Miu Miu boots I literally live in - isn't the brocade detailing to die for? Also wearing a thrifted cardigan and pins of my initials from the lovely Taghrid. Thank you!

P.S. I highly recommend changing your Bloglovin' and Google Reader feeds to only because posts won't show up on your feeds for a few hours. I don't know about you, but that bothers me!

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40 responses:

  1. .................... i want those boots too :(

  2. k first thing, loved ur vday post of pics

    second the hair suits u so well!

    third ur style is fantabulous

    and fourth id like to hear from u, so please come by my blog when u can

    the w.b.


  4. I love love love the boots.. AND WHAT $80!?!???!?!? My god!!

  5. you are truly beautiful..even in loungey jeans..=)

  6. super duper in love with those boots! Don't worry, I've been living in the same boots too..

  7. Awwwww, I loved your valentine post it's too cute. I am going to have to beg my boyfriend to let me do a photobooth pictures with him. I love the boots, the blazer, the texture of those levis, and the brooches. I am going to have to buy some from Taghrid. Anyhow, you look so cute with your new hair cut,the bangs are perfect. I literally just saw your email today it was in my junk mailbox. SORRY I haven't replied in ages, I will later k?

    KISS KISS, China L.

  8. Hey! You got a new haircut...nice. Are you ever going to grow it back long?

  9. the jeans are awesome and I love the boots!! your haircut really suits you too, I hope you like it!

    brooke xx

  10. Your boyfriend surely know where to find great clothes!!! I so love the boots, I wish I could find them on Ebay for 80$ too!!! They look so simple and yet so stylish because of the brocade details! And the haircut is really cute, bangs suite you so well. xx

  11. Wow, amazing boots with that sweet brocade!! love them =)

  12. great boots and thanks for the joy division of my faves!!

  13. ohh, those boots are awesome, just love it !

  14. Hi dear! Thursday night opening star **last night**! I would love you to come!

  15. im a faithful reader of ur blog i love ur vlogs lol always funny and im glad ur back

    love the jeans

    visit sometime

    Vi form Cali

  16. OMG. I love your boots and your jacket!! :) Where did you get it?

  17. I love those boots!

    I really like your blog! You have amazing style!

    Also, that vlog was f-ing hilarious!


  18. wow how beautiful, i just love the detailing on your boots and your jacket--fabulous!

  19. I cannot express how much I love those boots!

  20. I looooove those boots.
    They're killer.

    so freeaaaaking hooot.

    I'm obsessed with boots so you've gained like maaajor brownie points in my book.

  21. those boots are lovely!!!

  22. i LOVE those boots. <3 and you and your boyf are such a good looking/perfect couple..i kinda hate you guys. hahahahah!!!! just kidding.

  23. The boots are lovely, but the jacket is to DIE!

  24. Anonymous

    I don't think you should've cut a fringe. It doesnt go with the short hair. But you're still cute. Loveyly boots!

  25. Anonymous

    I don't think you should've cut a fringe. It doesnt go with the short hair. But you're still cute. Loveyly boots!

  26. i seriously love your site.

    so chic, indeed.

  27. the boots, are le hot.

    im excited to see you weds lady! xo

  28. Awesome boots! Congrats on the quiksilver shoot! The photos are so pretty!

  29. wow, those boots are amazing!

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