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The Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

February 28, 2009

I was going through old pictures... and I really, really miss my hair now. Partially because I'm sick and tired of straightening it everyday and I want my long wavy hair back!

I really love this vest, the missing button is causing a really unattractive gape. I think I'm just going to buy miscellaneous buttons and replace all of them. Sounds fun, but I am too darn lazy to go through the trouble.
  • Dress: American Apparel
  • Vest: Vintage
  • Boots: Miu Miu
Excuse my squinty face, I was having a stare-down with the sun.
  • Blazer: H&M
  • Lace bodysuit: Urban Outfitters
  • Jeans: Levi's
  • Shoes: Derek Lam
  • Purse: Quiksilver

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51 responses:

  1. I can sympathize with the button laziness! I wear things missing buttons all the time...

    I love the vest and lace body suit!

  2. You look amazing with shorter hair. I have the same issues since I cut my hair short. I have to straighten my hair very often but I like how it looks. My hair looks so messy if I don not use flat iron. I am so glad that I found the products that keep my hair shiny and healthy. The second photo is wonderful. The light is perfect

  3. Omg looking through old pictures always brings nostalgia about hair. I remember doing that all the time and missing long hair. and then missing dark hair. and then light hair. and so on. I think your hair looks great and hey it will grow back sooner or later so cherish it while you can :)

  4. i LOOOVE the jeans and the blazer! and your layouts amaaaazing

  5. You look amazing in both photos! That vest is gorgeous!
    xoxo, Shelly

  6. You look amazing in both photos! That vest is gorgeous!
    xoxo, Shelly

  7. You look amazing in both photos! That vest is gorgeous!
    xoxo, Shelly

  8. gorgeous outfits :)
    especially the mui mui boots :)

    love, reading your blog!
    would you like to swap links?



  9. I love both outfits as well! The vest is adorable (can we see closeups?). It looks like it is totally part of the dress or something.

  10. Anonymous

    What American Apparel dress is that? Is it the sexuali-tee?

  11. I love the second outfit. So chic!

  12. I adore the second outfit. Mainly because of your squinty face, & the jeans. :] I love the jeans.

  13. Anon:

    Close up of the vest- but not a great one:

  14. You look really well,love the vest

  15. lovely outfits, and the waistcoat is gorgeous!

  16. Dashly

    Hey RN!

    Can you make a post on your daily beauty rituals?

  17. Oh yeah, when you get the time it will be so easy to replace the buttons, it s a cute find!

  18. Two amazing lookes, I love your glasses and that vest.

    Amazing blog, i'm linking you to mine.

  19. I love the vest, and can only imagine how much more amazing it'll be with miscellaneous buttons!

    & your hair's cute short! =p

  20. Hi I found your blog on the fashion spot, and am hoping for someone to be kind enough to send me an invite, i'm studying fashion at university and am also a street style photographer for the manchester fashion network. i would really love to share some shots particularly in the street style forums. my email is thank you (hopefully!)

  21. Your so pretty ;)
    Yeah, I totally got a new camera...
    my last one was SO shitty.

    Going to LA on Wednesday night for a
    restiform bodies show.... you wanna go??


  22. love both outfits. i can see why you love the vest..i'm lazy too i hate haaving to fix my clothes when they lose buttons or some other randomness..
    and having the hair in the mid stages is the worst..i ended up having short hair for yaers because i couldn't make it grow out form the midstages. but i finally did and now it's long again =)

  23. Oh I'm such a Portishead freak.

    Good pick, I'm bowing down.

  24. Rachel you are absolutely gorgeous with short OR long hair! i love your derek lams btw.

  25. I love the jeans an the lace top underneath! You post great outfits xoxox

  26. I really love your glasses! What are they?

  27. You are insanely gorgeous, girl! I know what you mean with the hair. I miss my long hair so bad...

  28. Really chic outfits! I especially love the vest.

  29. i'm in LOVE with this look!

  30. You rock the specs...I could never look so cool with the specs! <3

  31. these outfits look incredibly cool on you. the vest on the first one is gorgeous, and i love it that you paired it with a basic such as that AA dress. the bf looking jeans and the lace top on the second one are a perfect balance.

    your hair looks amazing!

    ps. just letting you know i changed the blog's url to

  32. very nice vest. the detail is perfect!

  33. love both outfits.
    and the hair is awesomeeee. love it.

  34. love both of these. esp. the last one

  35. hottie. i love those jeans they fit jussssssssssst right.

  36. OMG! I LOve Your Style!
    Your totally one of a kind !!!

  37. GORGEOUS!!
    i love love love the miu miu boots!

  38. love your lace bodysuit!

  39. love the 2nd outfit especially. great lighting in that photo!
    jealous of the weather it looks to be.

  40. Love the vest, and the second outfit is too cool!

  41. I love both outfits! That bracelet is to die for, and are those jeans 501s? You do the good ol' black on black very well :)

  42. oh and about the hair...I understand completely. I felt the same when I cut my hair, and i've been trying to grow it out again ever since :-/. Good luck...

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