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The Quadidriligy

February 2, 2009

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35 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, you have like the longest winter break ever!

    - Kimberly

  2. Anonymous

    that was pretty random.
    =)) but hilarious =))
    i love vnese food as well :D
    ted's sunglasses r cool . haha

  3. That was so hilarious! I loved it. You guys are so cute.


  4. Yall are hilarious...a great 7 mims of my life well spent

  5. Haha! I agree, guys need vintage! And if they buy their size, there won't be any fatty's sweat in it!

    And Kimberly's right! I thought my 3 weeks winterbreak was sooo long, but yours is like the longest ever!!!

    Elodie, xx

  6. victoria

    lol! you two are hilarious.
    yes, move to canada's east coast for one winter and you will live in uggs whenever you can... it gets so cold & snowy that you won't care at that point!
    not that you would ever want to move to canada after living in cali. ha

  7. Anonymous

    What?! How utterly pointless. God. Seven minutes wasted, how stupid are you!

  8. Natalie Nguyen


  9. that was really fun to watch. it was the first vlog of your's that i have watched. i like the new layout too btw. you're so pretty! you look great on camera :)
    you never answered how long you and james were together!

  10. oh and maybe on your next vlog you can show us your best thrift store finds of all time? pelase? thanks.

  11. you guys are the funniest duo since Mark and Amanda from Ugly Betty
    i luv it!!

  12. I love you and Ted. I want a Ted of my very own. Is he easily shipped?

  13. Sean

    Where's your jacket from?! :)

    Another entertaining vlog btw.

  14. "yeah we look like ipod commercials"
    "we like cakes-"
    "-But not on your face."
    "found a beanie in my purse."
    "I thought she said 'drifting.'"
    "dude. you just showed us the sole."
    "im actually kind of nervous right now. I hate when she drives."

    funniest vlog ever.

    love the new layout.
    i dont know if I told you... added you to my links finally!


  15. SOOO funny!
    My boy doesn't do vintage either.
    Now I get it!

  16. this is HILARIOUS... i love it!

  17. i love your vlogs. so funny :)

  18. Anonymous

    I saw Ted at UCI! But I didn't want to say anything like "Hey I saw you on a vlog!" hahah that would be creepy :D But cool video

  19. you're my favorite blogger because you have boobs. everyone else is completely flat, so you're the only one i can really relate to in terms of style.

    thank you for blogging :)

  20. Kimberly - It WAS the longest break ever. I am so, so glad I get to have a routine again and go to school!

    Lesley - Shipping is a huge bitch. I can, however, snip Ted's hair when he's not looking and mail the DNA to you. Maybe in the future... you can own a Ted.

    Sean - Jacket = H&M

    Stylish Wanderer - You picked out my favorite quotes too. Except, not, because it would sound incredibly vain of myself to see us as 'funny'. I actually wanted to shoot myself in the head rewatching allll those clips of Ted and I talking about nonsense.

    Anon 9:18 - Next time say hi and give him a cookie. I'm at OCC! Someone needs to keep *me* company too!

    Vikki, that was my favorite comment to date. I'm always so self conscious of my breasts! You have no idea how badly I want to wear a low, low cut shirt and not have to worry about wearing a bra or showing cleavage.

    And... James isn't even a boob guy! He's a butt guy!!!

  21. Ted Nguyen

    Anon 9:18: Where did you see me????? You should of said hi. haha. But you caught me on a bad day, midterms and a cold. So i was messed up on cold medicine and energy drinks.

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  23. Anonymous

    Very entertaining. It's cool that by watching you, it feels like wevexknown eachother forever! It's nice to have that personal feel on you're blog.

  24. Aaah boo, can't watch this now because I'm in the library. But will watch ASAP!!!

    In response to your comment, YES WOULD LOVE TO EXCHANGE LINKS. Not going to lie, I've been a regular lurker for a while.

  25. You two are so cute and funny. Love you both!!!!! :)

  26. Anonymous

    Ted! You know that fountain near Rowland Hall? That's where! haha :D I remember you saying in the other vlog that you went to UCI so I thought it could be you. I'm sure it was..yea!

  27. Ted Nguyen

    Anon 2:09: yeaa that was me, I actually had a discussion with my friend about that fountain because the water looked so crisp. But yea I was on my way to psych. haha

  28. this shit is so entertaining!
    i think the goodwill in newport is pretty good too. found a lot of things there. BUT i agree with you, the goodwill in orange is pretty bomb as well. :)

  29. i just read your responses to other comments... im at occ! :) I hope you got into all of the classes you wanted... it's so crazzy there now and days!

  30. im lovin ted's shades!!
    you guys are too fun!!!!!!!!! i love how ted randomly is walking back in forth in one part.
    the lighting on the computer is so weird how it goes in and out.

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