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The Form of a Dream

February 24, 2009

Due to a lack of better terms I can express myself with [and sheer laziness], I bestow upon you Ann-Sofie Back.

Literal, raw, jagged.

I only wish she took it down a notch and went less corpse-y makeup and more frolic-y. The contrast would have been refreshing.

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27 responses:

  1. WOW so cool and i intense! but i love it..and the third grey sweater..i am gushing for!

    thanks for your comment dear..i can't wait to get my prize too :)

    xx LM

  2. That are really cool.
    The collection looks as if it's the wardrobe from a Tim Burton movie.

    fab <3

  3. I agree with you. The dead-bride make-up looks like the same thing as the clothes are showing. A contrast would have been much more interesting. Either way, i'm loving all the ripped stuff!

    Ps. how would i mind exchanging links!? I just added you :)


  4. yeah, i'm divided on the make up; it just looks a little too halloweenish, and I can't decide whether that works.

    but really love the sweaters.. the "boo!" one is very cute, and though i'm not always into the whole big words/slogans in your face (viktor amd rolf "dream on" style) this just works.

    and onto twitter.. i feel completely the same as you. It's kind of silly that in a way I resent it, because like you saidit really is made up of facebook statuses, but there is something intriging.. and I got your reply, but I'm such a twitter retard that I didn't understand which update it was in response to!

    pheww long. happy wednesday!

  5. They really look like zombies. It's a little disturbing. ;/

  6. I agree with your idea on the would have been refreshing. But the clothes look great and very DIY-able!

  7. Love black, white and grey.. and everything looks totally wearable to me, though I can see shades of other collections in this one. And I love zombies, so no complains about the make-up here ;)

  8. agreed, the make up is blah.

  9. I love the tattered-ness.. The first sheer white dress is my favorite!

  10. The models and outfits are so creepy, yet so good. I love it all. Especially the dream catcher details. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. very wednesday adams! it kind of reminds me of Rodarte, very eery but beautiful.,

  12. Wow they look really freaky. I love the looks if she would tone it down a bit (like you said) I especially like the feathers.

    Check out my new blog and link me if you like what you see!?

  13. Wow, impressive pictures, specially the first ones!

  14. you are super cute! it was lovely meeting you yesterday.

  15. Anonymous

    I absolutely love your blog!

    I currently attend UCIrvine and find it so refreshing to find a fellow Orange County-an that appreciates fashion!

    Can you make a shopping recommendations? I'm still finding my way around.

  16. wow- those feathers are amazing.

  17. what!!
    I love the corps-yness of it all!
    but that just might be my fetish for dark, scary, and jagged. haha
    i really like the content on your blog!
    and i have to agree w/what you said about the Rodarte collection. After I got past the collage of fabrics, I realized I was looking at the same shape again and again, just w/different fabrics. But then again, they are young designers. so you can't expect them to push the the boundaries of fabric and come up w/interesting silhouettes. they'll get the hang of it in time.

  18. Wow, these are amazing!!! Excellent taste :)

  19. I definitely agree with you on making a contrast! I still love the looks.

    The first couple ones were my favorite.

    Mind if we link?

  20. love this collection to death, except for the boo! sweater that looks like something my grandmother would wear...the makeup is kind of creeping me out, i agree with you on that one.

  21. the makeup is nuts! i lurve.

    btw, changed my url!

  22. I'm not gonna lie, this collection kinda scares me.. Or actually, it's more of the make-up's doing.

    I love the first outfit though, and the dream catcher-like one!

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