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The Fashion ABC's

February 6, 2009

Somehow today, I pulled a lower back muscle causing me some excruciating pain. Out of complete boredom at home and listening to the rain, I decided to fool around with one of my favorite past times: HTML (I am such a computer geek; it's a joke).

I don't know if many readers have read last year's Christmas present (The Editorial Advent Calender), which features some of my all time favorite editorials and such. I grabbed that and drew inspiration from an awesome photographer who crept around backstage during fashion week last year to feature some out-of-the-world photographs.

Another similar photographer did just that Spring 2009, his name is Benjamin Lowy:

Hover each letter to get a surprise! Once you hovered them all, they'll load instantly the next time around. Enjoy.

P.S. You might have to get out of your Google Reader / Bloglovin' to view the post.

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36 responses:

  1. these are absolutely amazing - i so wish i was this talented! i might have to hire you to make me a header someday ;)

    I love how the pictures are revealed on rollover, and they are all such stunning images, i really love the x one.

    Brooke xx

  2. gosh, i wish i could do that;D it's amazing;)))

  3. these are amazing!
    thanks a lot for posting.. i love the snapshots and i have no idea where they're from! i've never seen them before and i thought i had almost every editorial i liked saved on my computer! guess i missed some :P

  4. i started hovering over the letters/ pics as if your pics were dancing to the music on your blog... pretty cool.

    can we get a lesson on how to do that? do you still use coral paint?

  5. Absolutely stunning!

    juliet xxx

  6. Alice - Sorry to confuse, all the photographs used on this post are from a single photographer taking pictures during Fashion Week.

    The editorials are on a different post, linked in the post.

    Wroxton - Nope, never used Coral. I've been using Jasc Paintshop Pro 7 for a few years now.

    Fantastic html work. DAMNNN... i love it
    i wish blog posts could be this interactive and dynamic all the time!

    Amazing work raych...amazing.

  8. wow that is pretty dam cool . go you!

  9. these photos and this post are so awesome!!

  10. you are so clever! and i love your new layout

  11. Every post you do is practically amazing!
    p.s. ive been updating my blog id think you'd be proud! haha

  12. very good job, I would never be able to do that ..and I love pics e, i,k u.

  13. amazingggg

  14. i like r and u best. one of my favourite posts today x

  15. you are soo creative! loves it

  16. Those pictures are amazing! I am in love with each and every one of them. Thanks for sharing them!
    By the way, I love the new layout.

  17. I'm in love with this post! so creative! and the music goes hand in hand with it all :)

  18. Anonymous

    Freaking awesome!!

  19. This is so sweet! You have great design sense.

  20. holy shit girl, this is amazinggggggg how do you do it??? i need to know!!!

  21. I'm in love with h, i, j & n. isn't html fun? I love fooling around with it and flash :)

  22. What an amazing post! I'm a lost for words. I really need to learn more about blogging, I'm new to this.


  23. Yeah parking as been sucking balls. I just park across the street at the OC Fairgrounds, I don't even bother trying at school.

    My classes are great... I only had to petition for 1 class. There were 9 open spots at 24 petitioners. They did a raffle of the names, and I was the first one called! It was pretty exciting. Haha.

    Did you end up getting in the Geology Lab class?

    And yeah, it would be really exciting to run into you... haha.

  24. Gorgeous letters, but i don't understand what to do.... hahaha. I am such a geek, but the other way around i guess. ;)

    I'll figure out.


  25. Mila - Leave your cursor / mouse over a letter and let it load. You'll get a surprise ;)

    If it doesn't work, it changes into a picture. It might not work if you're using a unpopular browser / OS.

  26. i can't see! i need to ge t out of blogger!
    i hope your back is feeling better! xoxo

  27. I kinda love tinkering around with HTML too.. I love this and the editorial advent calendar!

  28. Erika :)

    this is so cool.
    great job!
    out of curiosity, what font did you use? i absolutely love it.

  29. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

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