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The Earth, The Wind, The Fire

February 11, 2009

Yesterday was a strange platter of sun, rain, wind, and apparently hail. But, I'm back in school after two months of a freakishly long winter break. Thank god too, more opportunities for outfit posts and some brain stimulation!

I decided to go all black yesterday - just a little punky.
  • Blazer - H&M
  • Shawl - No label
  • Jeans - Rag & Bone
  • Boots - Harley Davidsons
Oh, and check out the Lanvin's I have up on eBay (link is on the side bar).

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39 responses:

  1. I love/want/need that shawl. You're soooooooo cute, and have a great sense in dress so yay you. + I wish those shoes were my size ToT I have big feet haha.

    KISS KISS, China L.

  2. You look lovely! I think I'll wear black tomorrow...Yes, will def wear black tomorrow. Can I copy you, pretty please?


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Wow this is amazing! Love what you did with that shawl! 2 month winter break? That's insanely long! Lucky you :P

  5. I just love that blazer over the shawl--it definitely gives the whole outfit more depth and a little edge. Perfect!

  6. I was a little punky today at school today toooo. Too bad we didn't see each other (;

  7. i want that shawl too!! it's awesome..
    i hear you on needing brain stimulation! i've been staying home for 3 years now raising my little one and i am in need of getting back to school!

  8. Great look! Thanks for checking out leChic! I've added you so absolutely, no problem link wise ;)
    I'm not really sure what you meant by the google reader bit- the post you commented on was just posted today ;)

  9. i love this outfit and happy to hear u will be outfit posting more yay!! lol

  10. You gotta love the all black look ; ) xx

  11. Wow, what an amazing and different way to wear a blazer.. well, layer it anyway. Love it!

  12. Your blog is fabulous! Sending you an award - :)

  13. what's the haps dude?
    How you been??????????

  14. how u put those shawl and blazer was sooo cooll..just fond out this blog..and me like it ^_^

  15. how u put those shawl and blazer was sooo cooll..just fond out this blog..and me like it ^_^

  16. how u put those shawl and blazer was sooo cooll..just fond out this blog..and me like it ^_^

  17. wow, this looks fantastic. amazing layering, and you did so well to photograph the black on black - it is such a science, I just can't do it.

    lovely new header too!

    Brooke xx

  18. love your boots and jeans hon..and what you did with your shawl..very cool.

    xx LM

  19. That outfit = the perfect example of how layering should be done!


  20. amazing outfit!! I like so much your boots! really rock'n roll! :-)

  21. Absolutely awesome outfit. I love how the shawl peeks out of the blazer!!


  22. I love the layers and the blazer.

  23. I really like your look and your blog! Adorable!

    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!!! Totally awesome outfit dude. xoxo

  25. You look lovely!Absolutely awesome outfit.

  26. You have some of the best style I've seen in a while! Love your outfits.

  27. Love your blog and your style.
    I have a new blog about Louboutin's shoes and I need some visits. Sorry for the publicity (and my english)

    I hope you'll like it

  28. those v-day pictures are so lovely- your hair suits you!


  30. love love love this look!!!

  31. Love it!..the shawl and blazer together = fabulous.

  32. COngraTs. this is such an AWESOME look

  33. I absolutely love that look on you. The shawl makes it fresh and funky.


  34. raaaaych you look total babe! fo relz status.

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