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The 501's

February 19, 2009

I got a hold of the owner of the vintage shop I got my jeans at in my previous post, and I got to interview him a little! Though, I wish I asked more questions now. I guess if you want, you can ask him yourself.



I am going to email you some questions. Will you answer them?

I noticed a wall dedicated to 501's, what makes that particular style different from other styles that Levi created?
The 501 is a classic. You can wear them tight, slouchy, or super baggy. They accommodate any style and fit every mood. It was the first and the best.

Do you like chicken and waffles?
Chicken and waffles is like Kevin Sorbo as Hercules. A perfect combination!

Do you have secret thrifty vintage spots in Orange County you want to share?
Sure, I'll give you a major one "Leisure World". It's a little difficult getting past the gate keeper but if you follow these four easy steps you'll be well on your way to vintage heaven.
  • Tell him that Ronald Reagan was the last great president.
  • Offer him a cold Ensure.
  • Talk about that time in 1968 when Larence Welk made an appearance on the Dean Martin show and how funny Don Rickles was as a guest.
  • If all else fails, give him a Viagra pill.

You smoke a lot. Every time I've visited, you were outside have a cig break.
Yes, American Spirits Orange pack! I need a smoke right now just thinking about it. The way I figure it is there are 20 Smokey treats in one pack, so that is 20 times a day I can have some Billy time. Also, Spirit's are organic, so this is my way of being "Green".

What are your inspirations?
Comic books, music, my family, and my friends.

My friend thinks you have nice eyes.
Wow!? That is really the first time I've heard that from a female. But yes, I do get that a lot. Unfortunately, it is only the dudes that tell me that. The type of guys that work for the city laying asphalt or have done some time in a State Penitentiary. They think I'm the cat's meow.

Any projects you're excited about? We can use the action..
I'm playing a show on the 26th with one of my favorite bands "Everest"! It's on a Thursday night and is going to be at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa! These guys give me a hard boner.

What would you like to see change in your store?
Um...... more customers?

Do you like office equipment?
Not really.

Will you give myself and readers a discount if we stop by more? Pretty please?
Yes, of course 15% off, but they also have to tell me how pretty my eyes are.

Lastly, are we invited to your party this Friday (2/20)?
You know it! Word on the street is that it is going to be more fun than watching a drunk David Michael Hasselhoff eat a hamburger!

My friend Caroline and I will probably go tomorrow! So, COME!

Photo Credit: Mary Bell

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27 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    Hahaha funny guy

  2. Haha, he seems funny!

    I wish I could fly over..

  3. Ahh There's a Ron Paul sign up in the store! Will you tell him that he's awesome for me?

    I bought the tassels at a local fabric store in Vancouver called Dressew. I'm sure you might find something similar in Orange County too. Scope out the larger stores.

    I'm adding you to my blogroll too :)

  4. ohhhh, I wish I could drip by and visit that store!

    It looks brilliant and the owner seems really REALLY cool. =)

  5. looks like an amazing place...we have nothing like that where i live..

  6. Great article, would love to check out this shop!

  7. this thrift shop looks amazing!
    you have to see the thrift shops here in manila...they could get pretty scary. hahaha :D

  8. he seems pretty funny, enjoy this party!

  9. Anonymous

    i fucking LOVE everest!
    rebel in the roses is my favorite song at the moment

    if i was a dude it would give me a boner too

  10. LOVE chicken and waffles! :-)

  11. hahaha hilarious post! I think his answers were superb! hahaha

  12. Sounds like fun! and thats cool you interviewed the owner.


  13. very cute interview! nice work :)
    i would come..but i am in australia..makes it sort of hard. wish i was there though!
    have fun!

    xx LM

  14. ha ha, this was a great interview. i dont know why, but my impression of levis is that it only suits best to people with good bodies.
    smoking: no go.

  15. just from this interview i definitely want to visit his store the next time i'm down south. i just posted the new halston video, check it out!

  16. That place looks like denim heaven!

  17. aahahah he is hilarious!
    i hope the party is awesome.
    i'd go if i didn't live in toronto! lol!

  18. where is this awesome place?

  19. seems like a nice store and owner :D

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