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The Taste on Your Tongue

January 21, 2009

Monday, I got to meet up with my favorite bloggers again, Lucrecia and Taghrid. We headed out to the beach, and I was stoked that I remembered my camera this time. Only... I put it away in shame as Taghrid busts out her Canon XSI (drools), and when Lucrecia's boyfriend, Jack, came with his EOS (double drools). Once again, I let them take the reigns on the picture taking, so I'm picture stealing again, but there's more on their blogs:

Taghrid: a lookbook and Fashion is Poison

I rarely wear darker lipstick, but I did buy a deep fuchsia a while back! I happened to have it in my makeup bag, and seeing how well Tahgrid pulled off her ruby lips, I decided to slip some on after lunch.

Even though you can see this on her blog, I'm in awe with how Taghrid put together this video, so I decided to post it again on my blog.

I haven't updated my blogroll for quite some time - was down and it's still not up yet. So, I manually reworked all my links to add some people that I've been guilty of not linking back. I pull the list from the back of my head, so if you linked me or want to link, let me know!

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39 responses:

  1. I just found your blog and already I love it.

  2. that looks like so much fun! i wish i was at the beach yesterday! now the weather sucks, total 360 :( january weather in Cali is def weird.

    anyways hope u can link me! this is my new url.. i had an old one before but its gone :]

  3. I adore your rings and pink nail polish! =]


  4. hi raych, would love to link! i love your blog!!


  5. I just found you through Taghrid, and ummmm I'm in love. I'm going to add you to my blogroll, asap.

  6. Ive already seen the other piks today but they are so sweet I cant get enough! lol. Id looove to be added to your blogroll if you will? x

  7. Looks like fun! Our Socal winter weather is all beach perfect..haha

  8. you all look so fantastic, seriously looks like a really casual/beautiful shoot for a fall lookbook. quite amazing!!

    I would love to exchange links too :)

    <3 brooke

  9. You are so lucky, I can't beach it until at least May here. Stupid snow :(

    love the photos!

  10. just found your blog and its awesome. you look gorgeous.

    add me to your blogroll?

  11. How fun!
    can you link me? I've already linked you :)

  12. holy heck you girls are pretty!

    i love that you each possess your own unique sense of style.!!!


  13. i love the way you've put the photos together
    its so neat!

    naturally you're on my blogroll
    but i'd love it if you'd like to stop by

  14. i love this!!
    i've already added you ofcourse. add me please?

  15. amazinggg photos....especially the one with the pinky blue sky. love.

  16. You girls are absolutely stunning, I love the pics!

  17. oh amazing photos an the video is so cool too! love it! how cute you are all friends...beach days are fun and pretty. you all look amazing and beautiful.

    and thanks for your comment! made me blush doll!!!

    hope u had a good week stunner!!!! xxxx love LM

  18. take a look at my last shoot!

    ALLURE (Pictures of my last exhibition)
    Photographed by Michael Oats.

  19. Beautiful shots, and you all looked SO stunning!

    I LOVE ALL THREE OF U LADIES! what an amazing mlk day u had!

  21. i love the photos and the wonderful video! i have just discovered your blog and will definitely link you. i would love if you did the same :) good day!

  22. As I said to her...i'm so jealous of u guys! I wanna go back to cali!!!:(
    Those sunsets...


  23. Those photos are so great!! Where in Cali or you located?

  24. awesome pics!! and i'm so jealous you have fellow bloggers to hang out with once in a while =)

  25. i can't believe it went from 80+ to what it is today. rain tomorrow...kind of boo but we need it!


  26. nice photos! i like the atmosphere, very cool! :-)

  27. Fell in love with your blog! Absolutely gorgeous are: you, your looks, your blog, the details... consider me to follow your blog from now on!

  28. L.A blogger community unites... loves it

  29. all the pictures look very cool! I wish I could go to the beach too

  30. beautiful photos térs chic !! =)

  31. I'm in San Francisco :) I just moved here.


  32. those pictures are flipping amazing. I love your style! And the music video on your sidebar is love-the Knife rocks. And that vid is simply dragalicious.

    I'd love to be linked! Check out my blog and see what you think.

  33. You all look so cute! I love your blog you're on my links ;)

  34. i've never been to the west coast (unless you count vegas) but you and taghrid make it look amazing. greetings from the east...

  35. loved these photos :) it must be fun to live so near fellow bloggers!


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