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The Post Punk Matador

January 16, 2009

Woman’s fashion has not been inspiring me lately. I think we're all anxious to get Fashion Week on the road so we can get refreshing updates from our friend at Jak & Jil. To compensate for my lack of enthusiasm, I decided that I needed to channel men’s fashion between the punk rock era and the new wave / post punk movement – particularly Adam Ant from Adam and the Ants.

Very Jimi Hendrix, no? I would kill for an embellished jacket as theirs, nonetheless, here's my interpretation:

Belt - Topshop: Adam's uses a ton of belts as his favorite accessory(ies); he just piles them on his waist in an effortless way that it only looks natural to have about four belts on at once. I would go slightly moderate with a simple vintage looking waist belt over the dress.

Jacket - Alexander McQueen: This look would obviously not be complete without a lavish jacket that exudes military-esque jacket with a touch of Matador, but seriously, how awesome is this jacket? I love the ornate details and how easy it can be played down with a black dress. If anyone has around $400 extra bucks laying around and a size XS figure, invest!

Dress - Matthew Williamson: This dress is the epitome of a buccaneer hag, which is sort of how Adam plays himself off as. Besides his bullfighting-military-band jacket, he plays it up even more with loads of ruffles and prints. Imagine this dress under the buttoned-up jacket showing the frilly sleeves and a layered skirt peeping underneath.

Shoes - Yves Saint Laurent: Adam wears a much more conservative boot with most of his outfits – think Vivienne Westwood pirate boot or Ann Demeulemeester Triple-Laced flat boots, but since I rather so sans hammer pants and pro dress, I think statement footwear is in order. What better than these caged YSL’s?

Necklace - Forever 21; Earrings - Diego Percossi Papi: Having tons of rich jewelery on is a more obvious choice. Cross pendants and ornate designs are a definite must.

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29 responses:

  1. Adam is the best! Those jackets have defninitely ruled the runway lately. I love those caged heels!!!

  2. I love Adam and the Ants - ant music, and clothes - simply wonderful.

  3. ok i need a military, marching band-ish jacket. pronto

  4. the jackets look similiar to balmain, i love this post.

  5. Mel

    I love the outfit you put together! It's so haggish, but in a good way!!

  6. I am sooo digging those jackets!
    I was a matador in my past life, I can feel it. Maybe it's why I understand so much Spanish. I mean, people say it's because I speak Portuguese, but really..isn't my theory much more interesting?

  7. You get my total and absolute admiration for posting Adam Ant in your blog. I love him, he's the best! ;)

  8. Very cute blog by the way.
    Please come and visit mine!
    It's all about fashion and creative things, inspired by Portobello Road, London.
    See ya!

  9. that matthew williamson dress is so lovely. Some great choices.

  10. great great post! i love those ysl shoes ;)

    ps- come check out our new january style spotlight interview!


  11. the military detail is very much in, a great way to add a punch

  12. How I love Jak & Jil. So much.

  13. yeah dude. right on visuals!!!!
    I do love that knife video as well.


  14. I've been wanting to get one of those Napoleon jackets ever since Dolce & Gabbana did that collection a few seasons ago, but I can never find one I like or I can afford!


  15. love love love the style!

  16. love i loooooove adam ant!
    and if u pulled off i look like that i'm pretty sure you'd look kick ass!

  17. thedoc

    Those shoes...that dress....ohhh, I love them!!!

  18. look at you! what a fab stylist you are :) i wouldn't wear this outfit because i know i couldn't rock it. but i could def see someone in it.

  19. I too am in love with the Alexander McQueen cardigan...even when it went on sale at Browns and hesitated! It's really one of a kind.

  20. young Parisians are so French! haha I love that song its so funny

  21. young Parisians are so French! haha I love that song its so funny

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