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The Incompetent Macbook

January 19, 2009

Title is completely irrelevant to anything I want to talk about, but I'm just so fucking pissed off that it won't turn on. No chime at power, a flashing light on the bottom, and a black screen. I scheduled an appointment with the concierge on Thursday, but I don't think I can wait that long. I read that my RAM bit have loosened up, but I don't know the anatomy of a computer at all. Any idea? (I'm on my brother's PC)

I found this amazing burlap Jasmin Shokrian skirt over at Wasteland a few weekends back and have been wearing it non-stop. There is so much bulk and architectural detail to this skirt; it's amazing. The bulk comes from its asymmetrical cut, and I still can't get over the texture of the skirt. I'll have a better picture of it later.

I paired it with a Forever 21 tank and a vest from Urban Outfitters. A reader asked for a close up of my Chloe shoes, so here they are! James is quite proud of this shot. Aw, my little boyfriend... the next Jak & Jil? Maybe not, but keep trying!

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38 responses:

  1. Beautiful boots. Good job, boyfriend! Are they comfortable to walk in? Also, how do the sizes run?

    I'm interested in the tan/brown one. Thanks

  2. cute shoes! im in love with them. =)

  3. The boots are extremely comfy! I own two other Chloe shoes in a size 37, and (these boots are an Xmas present from James - double score) James bought these in a 37.5 afraid that they might be too big, to my surprise they were tight! After I broke them in, they're great. So, I'd go half a size up. Also, they really do well without socks.

  4. Gorgeous boots! Love the photos.
    xoxo, Shelly

  5. shoes are RAD RAD RAD! hope your MAC gets well soon! xxxx LM


    love the boots...
    sorry about the mac though...take the battery out, and replace it after 15 mins. this should help hopefully.

  7. love the outfit!!! the white skirt especially!

    I fell in love with your page :P would you like to do a link exchange?


  8. what a sweet BF!! chloe shoes and all! btw i love love loveee The Knife!and that is one of my all time fav songs!!

  9. Lovely lacey vest, adds so much to the look.

  10. Abigail

    Hey! Love your blog.

    I was wondering if you had any ideas for a leather jacket that looks a lot like the Silence & Noise Motorcycle Jacket from UrbanOutfitters, but costs less, preferably under $100.

    That would be wonderful if you could help :)

  11. you're freakin adorable!
    i heart those chloes
    sex monsters

  12. Your shoes are still alive?! They look great ;)
    Sorry I missed you guys ;(((((((((

  13. I love those shoes. I saw them on Yoox and was so tempted. They look great on you. Cant wait to see the skirt in all its glory. lol

  14. I wish I'd got my hands on those Chloe booties before they sold out in London. I absolutely adore them!

  15. I love your blog! You have amazing style! Also, those boots are brilliant!

  16. You seriously are the cutest blogger.

    I stayed up watching all your vlogs and couldn't stop laughing. That Ted is a killer.

    And of course, your shoes! *Dies*

  17. i jsut stumbled across your blog and i have to say ive been searching for the name of that song playing in the video for the past month, i heard it while i was in europe and i cant believe you have it playing!

  18. If you and Ted made another vlog - that will probably make my month. It should be called the Excellent Adventures of Raych&Ted. I think it's destined for YouTube fame!

    Anyway - added! And can I die again for those shoes? I was thinking about getting them from Yoox too but then I'd have to make more room on my shelf, or get another shelf altogether.

  19. Those shoes are beyond words!!


  20. love your vest and those i must say that you look really gorg w/your short hair.

  21. bitchin, I've got them in nude, I'm loving the black though. I got a full size small though and mine are perfect, weird how all that works, :P

  22. hey, just discovered your blog it great :)...and lovely outfit

  23. die for shoes!!!love them so much i saw them lulu's blog 0ne or two days ago but they fits u great:)

  24. i love that outfit! looks great on you.
    i think i featured the black version of that vest in an outfit post on my site :)

  25. those shoes are beautifullllll! marry me?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.
  27. I was looking at those shoes for a while in other colors..they look great on you. I will have to revisit the idea...

  28. You look so glamorous..!

    Btw, I've added you as one of my daily blog reads.. I hope you don't mind!

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