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January 26, 2009

Today, I visited our dear blogger, Lucrecia, who as you may know, is in the hospital (details on her blog). Lucrecia - we're all praying for you and your family. Love you and hope all goes well.

On a lighter note, I'm betting on James' mom that she gets him an SLR for his birthday... if he gets one, I get one. I also need to tell James that the camera should point in the middle of the picture, not at the bottom; this fuses for a dismantled figure. 

  • Dress - Vintage
  • Belt - Vintage RJ Graziano
  • Shoes - Chloé
This belt has some stunning detail on it, and I will get a detail shot when I get the chance. I've seriously had this belt for months and never wore it because three people already claimed it as the 'WWF fighter belt'. I was thinking of cutting the dress a little. What do you think? Leave the hem as is? Or shorten it? 

And before you get excited for a thorough video blog... it's not.

So a lot of blogs have already done it: ask all the questions you want! We'll answer it.

We wanted to do a "day in Rachel's shoes" but we only had one hour to work with. Damn our 'busy' clashing lives. Also, check out our other video blogs!

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31 responses:

  1. such a cute outfit, I always love how you style the Chloe heels!!

    I went to her blog today and was so sad... Please pass on everyone's best wishes and hopes.

    <3 brooke

  2. haha a glorious 51 seconds!

    I want to know...

    1. Why Ted is so hot.
    2. Your favorite comedians.
    3. 90s grundge era VS. 80s big hair era

    xx Juley

  3. PS Don't hem the dress! I love the ladylikeness of the dress.

  4. I've been thinking about L all day. I just know everything will be ok. ♥

    you two are so damn cute.

  5. I'm STILL kicking myself for not getting those heels!!!!!!! Love them on you ;)))

  6. Love your outfit. Cute shoes!

    xoxo, Shelly

  7. Anonymous

    do you have a favorite thrift store in orange county? if so where?!

    give some fashion advice for short people! please!

    favorite hangout place?

    flats or heels?

  8. Tia

    mm not really feeling the outfit overall ...

    my question is on nail care!
    what do you do to maintain your nails? colours of nail polish?


  9. Question:

    How long do you take to decide on an outfit?
    Could you do a video of your daily 'outfit routine'?

    Thanks! I love ur vlogs!

  10. I love your look! the belt works like hell!

    juliet xxx

  11. Anonymous

    how was your asian new year?
    what are your favorite movies?

  12. I say hem the dress. It's a little too matronly for you. Maybe it's the sleeves too. But the belt is great--it has character. And I'm in love with those shoes.

  13. What a stunning outfit, love all the light colors.

  14. you have the coolest music on your blog

  15. Vy

    I love your shoes! & I think you should hem the dress & a bit of the sleeves. It will look more flattering on your figure.

    Some questions~

    -Your favorite type of food.
    -Describe a typical day in the life of Rachel/Ted.
    -What your you never be caught dead wearing?
    -How in touch are you guys with your Asian background and culture?


  16. Anonymous

    Whats your go to outfit?

    What is your daily routine for makeup? your go to when your on the go?

    And whats your fav accessories?

  17. like the dress and shoes a lot!!!

    and i am sad..i read her blog yesterday..keep us all posted too

  18. Anonymous

    what is your everyday makeup routine?
    does ted have a girlfriend?
    and how long have you been going out with james?

    the 'day in Rachel's shoes' sounds really cool though!

  19. Anonymous

    what is your everyday makeup routine?
    does ted have a girlfriend?
    and how long have you been going out with james?

    the 'day in Rachel's shoes' sounds really cool though!

  20. What is your opinion on Uggs? I don't want to fall into that trend but they just look soooo comfortable. I would love to see you post a 'day in Rachel's shoes'!

  21. Maggieee

    Yaaayy, I new video :D
    I'm just curious what your makeup routine is each morning ?
    Love your blog, have been reading for at least a yearrr, haa .

    Oh, btw, I'm really sorry hearing about Lucrecia, I read her blog, and that's reallly sad D:

  22. really nice vintage dress. the vintage belt is beautiful too. very chic outfit! :)

  23. oh im excited!! your videos are hilarious!

  24. yay the dress looks gooooooooooooood xo

  25. I love love love your vintage belt!

  26. hot, hot, hot shoes--you wear them so well!

  27. Okay, you've sold me....I'm becoming a follower...loving your blog!

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