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The Haute Couture Spring 2009

January 27, 2009

I usually look to haute couture as a platform to the season's mood rather than actual trend. I have to say that the aesthetics are slowly deteriorating but still holds on to the essence of raw talent... I'm namely talking about Givenchy.

I really have nothing more to say except I love when Tisci does romance, because it's never just glamorous; there's always a twisted morbid vibe. Flowery runway (genius) + ghastly makeup + potential bridal gowns + darkness and sweetness making love + subtle flowy material clashing with exposing bondage = you've got a killer show.

I always look forward to MMM's work - an unbiased, unconventional presentation. Never are his pieces directly linked with one another, but the textures that are so commonly used in his work help unify the cohesiveness.   I am dying for the white blazer and the far right dress (really resembles a vest... thing that can be thrown over almost anything to instantly bling-ify your outfit). I somehow missed the destroyed denim jumpsuit in the picture; you have to check it out - another great piece.

John... I complain about him a lot lately, yet I always post about him - it's like a trainwreck you can't stop staring at. This collection is an improvement of what we've seen the past few years, but I want to mourn the lost raw edge and power in his clothing. His haute couture shows used to give me chills; it made me love fashion. 

(SS06 Couture, FW05 Couture, SS06 RTW) I wish Galliano went back to this...

Thanks for leaving Ted and I all those questions! We're feeling extremely inspired to get in front of the Macbook this weekend. Tomorrow is James' birthday, and we'll be in Disneyland all day! 

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22 responses:

  1. i loved them all, but i think givenchy was my favorite this spring.


  2. i loved them all, but i think givenchy was my favorite this spring.


  3. that shoe from Christian Dior is LOVE

  4. Hi! I posted a new photoshoot today!

    Photographed by Michael Oats

    I hope u like it

  5. With the exception of that powder blue heel, I though the Dior show was a MESS! It's too costumey and not enough innovation...I feel like I've seen all these looks somewhere else...

  6. I'm more and more into givenchy.. it looks adorable!!

  7. Natalie Nguyen

    i'm procrastinating lab write up. ted was smart to get out of bio. :( although i'm sure he knows lol.

    by the way, i love your outfits :) i wish i could pull shit off the way u can. tall skinny people have everything. and u have boobs! hahaha.

    <3 natalie

  8. Natalie Nguyen

    LOLLLLL everyone loves ted

  9. I love the way you manipulate the pictures!

    juliet xxx

  10. I love Givenchy, Lacroix an Dior shows. But yep, John Galliano has made more stunning shows in the past.. bte, I like a lot those utfits from FW05 Couture and SS06 collections *.*

  11. If you really want to lament John Galliano's decline, check out spring 2007's couture collection vs. this year's. Incredibly depressing.

  12. all of these were amazing I thought. I loved margiela and dior though - amazingness.

  13. i'm loving all of the looks minus Tisci, i just don't understand covering the models face. haha, it kind of freaks me out.

  14. Love Dior a lot...Great post though. They're all so talented.

    xx. mavi

  15. this is very well written, great blog post. (:

  16. Hi, love your blog and style.
    Hope you'll enjoy mine.
    Come to see me...
    Lot's of love Iole

  17. oh thanks for sharing your views dear!

    i think most of the shows were very visually appealing and fab!

    xxx love lM

  18. Those shoes by Givenchy remind me of bandages but I still like them lol

    That dress that was made of sheer black material and had the really poofy skirt was my favorite :)


  19. Love Margiela, this haute couture colletion is amazing!!

  20. especially love the SS06 ahhh, i think its because the fact that i am in love with zombies. but i reall love it.

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