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The Scrapbook to Boot

January 11, 2009

Haven't been feeling very inspired, to compensate, I am condensing all of my magazines into a lookbook. A preview:

Sunday: Lucrecia, Kristin, and I headed out to the Rose Bowl today for some awesome flea market discoveries. It was off-the-wall HOT, but they picked up some awesome finds. If they put up pictures on their blog, I'll steal them to put on mine.


Lucrecia put the pictures on her blog, so check it out! There was so much eye candy; I'm so bummed I forgot my camera! Albeit, Lucrecia's panoramic camera deal is pretty sweet.

Yeah, Kristin scored a gnarly, wool bag. It's massive! She definitely pulls it off though.

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15 responses:

  1. OK, I put some of them up already on facebook...
    but I'll put the rest up in the AM.


  2. oooo i love scrapbooks! go for it. x LM

  3. Anonymous

    Looksbooks are fun to make! But I would have never thought to use an actual scrapbook, I used a spiral with a cute cover intead. Now I'm beating up myself over it. All that hard work!

  4. All of your magazines? Really? That will probably keep you super busy for the entire year! I can't wait to see more of the resulting lookbook. It's such a brilliant idea!

  5. the bag is amazing!! it looks like a walking sheep!!!!

  6. Ha - that day was so hot. Unreal. I had fun though ;) Oh - I'm facing booking you right now!!!


  7. bummer i couldn't make it :/ xo looks like a super fun time!

  8. You have an awesome blog! And I really like the design.

  9. raych! i was there this weekend at the rosebowl too!

  10. wow, everything looks awesome. must make a trip there this sunday. if, and only if, this heat wave we've got going on doesn't scorch me.

  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so fun!! i almost went that day too but it was so hot!!!

  12. How fun, I love the Rose Bowl! I went last month and found some great vintage dresses and boots. There's this boot vendor who has endless racks of boots. His selection is awesome, and most of the boots are leather and in good condition.

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