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The Wishlist

December 14, 2008

It's that time of year again: finals are done and I get to look forward to my birthday, Christmas, and New Years. I understand that most of this is actually beyond realism, but a girl can dream, right?

Images are clickable!! Click to view more information on each item.

I really can't help but to cloud my mind with possible layouts, furniture, and knickknacks my soon-to-be apartment will have. All I know is I want an awesome structured leather couch (vintage or this one from Ikea) and a quirky chandelier. The rest will come to me. Oh, and how 'bout those Lanvin dolls featuring the Spring collection? T.D.F.

Growing up, I used to love watching the Pictionary show at my babysitters house, now I want to get back into that excitement with family nights around this creepy little guy, though I imagine it'll be hard trying to quick sketchy around the curves. If anyone has an iPhone, this Incase makes for an awesome cover. It makes your iPhone battery lost longer – somehow. The Canon is really self explanatory (hint: JAMES), and that Steven Meisel editorial is one of my favorite, and now it's in a puzzle form. How awesome.

I normally am happy with the whiteness of my teeth, but lately, I've been drinking too much coffee and tea that it's making my teeth look a little dull. I've read the reviews on this, and they say it works quite well (it's a one week supply I think – use two a day), but it's not really worth the price. I've been partial to different colored lips as opposed to my boring, daily nudes. I recently purchased a bright fuchsia, and I love it! Next, I want to venture to deep, burgundy red. Though that is a bold step I am willing to take, I don't think I can pull of the YSL black lipgloss, no matter how fun it sounds to try it on.

Jil Sander
Need I explain myself with the shoes? These aren't even the top of my charts. So many  shoes out there, not even money to get to all of them. Le sigh. 

Long, strappy bags are seriously grabbing my attention, as well as hanging feather earrings; I just need to re-pierce my left ear and I will be sporting these in no time! I also love my Persols, but I really want a larger tortoise pair. Oh, and those gorgeous flower rings are at Pier 1 for only 4 bucks! Stocking stuffer, much?

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35 responses:

  1. I so need that martin margiela bracelet. Right now.

  2. ditto on the margiela bracelet

  3. The feathered earrings would look great with your short hair!

  4. Disco cork heel wedges! They make me want to dance.

  5. go smiles are great, i have them myself.

    I love the sunglasses too!

  6. oh definitely try the black gloss. I just bought one from lipstick queen and it is AMAZING.

  7. samm

    do you mind teaching me how to use photoshop like the way you did?
    i use to photoshop and i was pretty ok at it, but now i forgot how to do stuff liek you did with the cool fonts and all and cutting out the pictures and make collage just like yours!!!
    hahaha do you mind teachign me?! ((:

  8. samm

    oh my email is please email me the info!!!

  9. agreed with every single piece. hah! those shooooes

  10. tia


    I don't think she will .. just look it up online there is tons of info!

    besides she doesn't use Adobe Photoshop

  11. I want that sofa! and the margiela bracelet...Oh and just about everything... great list:)

  12. I would LOVE a digital SLR as well!!!
    but they're so expensive!!! T_T

    i'm planning to save up if no one is generous to me this Christmas =3

  13. Yes, please. To all of it.
    I'm also redecorating my apartment over the break - I want my living room to be crazy, with red walls and curiosities everywhere, a la Sarah Bernhardt's company room.

  14. I don't know how I changed my settings, but I made it so my comments popup, and I can see everyone's beautiful faces now! It makes it so much easier to remember everyone, haha.

    Tia - I always find it flattering that people remember the small quirks about me.

    Sam (and anyone else who is wondering) - Whilst I am too lazy to reword my procedure, I did make a semi-tutorial post about the methods behind the collages.

  15. i dig your choices
    beauty looks expensive haha
    so do shoes!
    i dont really like the brown chloe ankle boots though. but the rest are amazing!

  16. I hope you get it all! Lovely wishes...I'm hoping to find the Influence book under the tree this year!

  17. ah i love everything on this list- and hmm i was always wondering if that gosmile thing worked or not... thanks for posting this!



  18. Hi There! I jsut stumbled upon your blog and may I say I think you got me hooked! I love your posts! They are all very informative and your layouts are impeccable!!

    I love the feather earrings, the bangle and those shoes are just LOVE!!

  19. fantastic finds... i want them all!!

  20. I know! I had so much fun! I swear I'm getting a new camera - promise. So next time i'll have good photo's. You live close, so no excuse - keep in touch and we'll go out!


  21. oh yes!
    the feather indian earrings. the beautiful croque heels. the influence olsen book and the steven meisel book.

    i adore your wishlist. hope santa will spoil you this year!

    with love x Laura Anais

  22. Anonymous

    hi rachel!

    so fun to meet you this week!

    love the margiela bracelet...and i too adore the persols.

    keep up the great work!

    hugs from

  23. so many beautiful items. I love that chandelier - turquoise and lovely!

  24. love the accessories you picked out! andd the camera (:

  25. amazing wishlist. I'm loving the sunglasses and the pure white platforms. so fierceee.

  26. wow i hope santa is going to be this good to me this year! and you've just gotta love those YSL boots so ugly and outdated. so good.
    its shameful ive never got around to commenting here i read you regularly and love every post.
    take care, carlotta

  27. i really want that book, camera, hair straightener, silver heels, and sunglasses. haha great pics!
    love your blog!

  28. Anonymous

    Hey Raych, I just wanted to add in a comment about the YSL black lipgloss. It's actually pretty sheer and can be worn over any color to darken and intensify it. By itself it's just a light wash of color. Mixed with your natural lip color, it's more of a deep raspberry by itself. You might like it! - Doll

  29. Anonymous

    the petals on those flowers move around. i tried it on

  30. i love those jil sander platforms..i have them in blue...they are lovely:)

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