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The Rivieras

December 21, 2008

I haven't posted a wearing today for a while, but the transition from summer to winter (California doesn't believe in Fall?) has been boring me - that or I'm just bored of everything in my closet.

As you may have read in other blogs, I've been lucky enough to meet with some very beautiful bloggers in the blogophere. I wish we had good pictures, but they're all blurry! Helen also accidentally deleted the pictures, so I guess we're all relying on Linda.

We had a blast at Ketchup in West Hollywood, and the group included:
  • Vest and shirt: Urban Outfitters
  • Jeans: Cheap Monday
  • Shoes: Chloe
Ignore my habit of putting my cellphone in my back pocket.

I was honored to be contacted by co-editor of Riviera, Stephanie Phan (seriously has the cutest Australian accent ever), for a small blurb about me in December's Riviera magazine. Hopefully you can read the article. Mind you, I used to play World of Warcraft in highschool when I dated my first boyfriend.

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28 responses:

  1. great article - you look fab ♥

  2. That's such a great article. Congratulations, you're awesome!

  3. I like a lot of that vest thing!

    juliet xxx

  4. love your vest! beautiful ♥♥♥

  5. great article, congratulations! i spend all of my east coast winters dreaming of living in california, where it's warm enough to wear those delightful chloe concoctions, for instance. the good news is i've got months to experiment with coat proportions, scarves, thermals.. fun stuff like that, hah..

  6. Holy cow, how did I not know that you were only 18? When I was your age, I was wearing jeans and my sorority shirts with no makeup. Congrats on being way cooler than me.

  7. great article! and thats so cool you met up with other bloggers! how fun. love your blog - def adding you to my roll :) xxx

  8. congratulations on the article!
    and from what ive seen prom bleachblack, the meetup looked really fun (:

    loveee that vest!

  9. Cute! I know - I'm super bored myself....

  10. hahahaha i loved the impersonation you did of your mom the other night!

  11. such a fun nite!

    cute pic in riviera! just saw it yesterday!

    hugs and lunch soon!


  12. congrats on the article! i like the outfit, too!

  13. You look gorgeous, love the shoes!

  14. You look amazing in that picture.
    And yes, CS is immense =P haha

  15. congratulations on the article! i love all of your answers. i didn't know you were 18! you seem older (not in a bad way). man, i bet that blogger party was awesome. *jealous* :)


  17. girl u should still play world of warcraft, keep up the geeky-ness... nothing wrong with it cept ur eyes might fall out from too much tv :D

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