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The Love of Locks

December 5, 2008

Whoo! I chopped off 13 inches for Locks of Love, and I don't miss a single inch of it! I was contemplating for days and days: Should I keep my hair? Should I just get my front bangs again? Someone else needs my hair more than I do... My hair has looked the same for so long... but it takes forever for it to grow back if I don't like it...

When it was finally time to decide, I sat with my hairdresser for about five minutes deciding and just came across the conclusion: "Oh fuck it, eventually hair grows back."

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71 responses:

  1. You look gorgeous!
    That's pretty much the reason why I always come back with shorter hair than planned whenever I go to the hairdresser. Once I'm there I go like "Screw it, it'll grow back" ;) good choice :)

  2. f

    wow, it looks sophisticated and grown up! definitely a good choice!

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  4. You look beautiful! So sofisticated!
    I have long hair just like you used to, but I dont have the courage to cut it! Its so frustrating! ahahah

    I own a brazilian fashion blog (, and just added yours to my favorite pages on my pc.

    I would like to make a interview with you to publish there. So if you have interest and want to be friends with a brazilian blogger, just write me:

  5. mel

    I am convinced that you can pull anything off!

  6. Oh wow! You look adorable with the new cut.

  7. You look so beautiful with the short hair. So chic =D It's lovely, good choice!

  8. i love it!! it's not too short at all. sooo cute

  9. Anonymous

    I honestly Looove it! You looked good in the old hairdo but that's kinda stereotype cliche asian hair. It was pretty but this is just perfect. It's feminin, sophisticated, hot and sexy.

  10. You're soo brave!!! But I love your hair. It's definitely a great look!

  11. it looks amazing! love the short hair! i always contemplate the same decisions! i have yet to chop it off, but i think summer 09 might be the year!

  12. Anonymous

    you look fantastic!!

  13. nice. something fresh and newwww

  14. thedoc

    You look very pretty and the reason why you decided to cut it makes you look ever better ! generosity always gives an extra shine....!

  15. you look gorgeous!

    & hey, there's always extensions!!

  16. Oh, you look really with that new haircut !

    I just discovered your blog, and I really love it !

  17. you love great holy smokes!!! you look a bit older, but not in a bad way. it suits you soo well.

  18. awesome. you did it for a great cause and you're looking hot! change is good sometimes :) i loved you with long hair but still love you with your new hair!

  19. Anonymous

    it's looks so cute but are you aware that locks of love isn't the greatest, most straightforward organization? the hair doesn't go to cancer survivors.

  20. you look great... nice decision

  21. Looks great!!
    You have such a pretty face you can pull of any hairstyle

  22. Brooke

    straight from the lockoflove site:


    Our largest number of children live with alopecia. Alopecia is an auto-immune disorder that causes the hair follicles to shut down. This disease has varying degrees and affects 4.7 million people in the United States alone. Alopecia areata affects both sexes equally and may, but does not always, progress to significant hair loss. Currently, there is no known cause or cure for alopecia.


    Cancer constitutes the second highest percentage of our recipients. Every year approximately 2,200 children under age 20 are diagnosed with brain tumors. Radiation treatment to the brain stem as a treatment for cancer can cause permanent hair loss. Chemotherapy may also cause hair loss to be long-term depending on the length of treatment needed.

    wow... locks of love really sucks, right??

    raych, you look fantastic. i love it!! I cut off about 8 inches of hair a couple of years ago, loved it, and now im in the process of growing it back. it was good for me then, but now i want longer hair. just like you said - hair grows!!


  23. Ted Nguyen

    You should trying buzzing all your hair off. Start the trend.

  24. i loveee your hair both long and short (: i'm glad you decided to cut it off! it was such a win win; others get the gorgeous hair and you won a gorgeous new look (:


  26. ah you looks so gorgeous with your new haircut! :)


  27. Wow dear, it's an amazing thing you did!

    You look absolutely gorgeous, just as you did before the cut.

    Proud of you!


  28. Anonymous

    You have such a good heart, and you're totally rocking this look! You're my inspiration! By posting this you have inspired me to donate my hair when it grows! So you're helping out the needy in more ways than one, you should feel good about that!

    <3 Mad Love

  29. Raych it looks freaking amazing!! And hey for a good cause too, it's a win win ;)

  30. Anonymous

    I love it more than the long hair!

  31. OMGGG you look so completely DIFFERENT!

    And I agree! The "Fuck It!" mentality when it comes to hair! LOL

  32. it looks absolutley beautiful :)

  33. aaawww your hair looks amazing! it suits your face so much!
    i love your blog :)

  34. You look fabulous & you're awesome...

    P.S. Like I always say, "Giving is Glamorous"

  35. hey honey just stumbled on your blog.,your your new hair cut.

  36. gorgeous haircut
    wanna link?

  37. Maggieeeee

    I still can't believe you cut your haaairrr, haha .
    :[ I miss it, but your hair looks cute .

  38. your hair looks fabulous - and that is such a great great cause. Good for you for being brave enough to go for it! I haven't been yet although I hope to at some point.

  39. Anonymous

    woman, you look so pretty !! :) so sophisticated, makes me wanna chop off my locks too but my hair is way too short & it is way too cold up in nyc! btw- what makeup do you use?! you're glowing!! you should do a make up post :)

  40. It's perfect on you, your smile is definitely beautiful !

  41. Lilly

    That's pretty awesome. :)

  42. I absolutely love the cut!! I have donated to locks of love 3 times. The first time 12 inches, the second time 10.5, and the third time about 9. I just donated the 9 in May. My hair grows like crazy so I am sure I will be making more donations in my life : )I think you look too cute with the short hair and plus it was a for a good cause, so good for you!!

  43. Well I can honestly say this good deed didn't come with a high price at all, your new hair looks AMAZING. You are going to make someone very happy, and look gorgeous in the process. I heart your new hair, looks even better than the long version.

  44. What a great thing you did! Your new haircut looks amazing.

  45. WOW, I just had a horrible haircut today and my hair was just as long as yours and now it's a little longer than yours, but I did cry about it and seeing your post makes me feel a lot better. It felt really petty crying over lost hair, but it was so dramatic! Thanks for making me feel better about my "5th grade" haircut!

  46. your hair looks great this way! it was so cool of you to donate your hair - What a great christmas present hey?

  47. oh my goodness such a BIG difference-in a goood look SOOO good!!

    come visit girliie
    kisses from kelsey

  48. Anonymous

    You glow, girl! I think you look better in short hair. - jin

  49. I love it! I've been thinking of doing the same thing!

  50. all the way from holland,
    like the hair cut! you got ballz! hihi

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