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The Last Day of Finals

December 9, 2008

I'm privileged to take three finals on my birthday tomorrow; I'm going to be up all night cramming and dreaming about the Britney Spears concert Ted and I are going to in April.

I've always wanted to attend a Britney concert; I can watch her performances on Youtube for hours. I was a bit hesitant for the Circus theme - you know, it seemed a little tacky four months ago, but judging by her promotional shows, I am stoked! Ted and I pretty much idolize her.

Is anyone else going? We're going on the 17th.

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17 responses:

  1. Oh poor you, I wish you much luck for your finals and after that you can celebrate your birthday!

  2. it's ok. just think... 'TS ALMOST OVERRRR! appy birthday grrrllll

  3. ahhh. i missed her performance but SO glad she's back. although i do have to say her moves aren't as sharp as they used to be. i'm sure (and i hope) she gets there in april. i am debating getting tickets for her concert as i type this (and have another window open) hmmm. can't sleep on it that long coz they're selling out!

    yessss let's vlog!!

  4. I'm not the craziest fan of Britney but since i have seen her confessions on CBS i have been impressed both by her fragility & her maturity. She is a great artist, hope she'll enjoy life more and more. Have a great show !! Lucky you !

  5. Anonymous

    i'll be going to the one in houston on march 30th!

  6. Tia

    happy birthday!!!

    i love britney too, lol her show will be fun! it's like going to a circus and a britney concert all at once!

    plus the theme is more classic circus chic ... so don't be expecting too many clowns ;)

    after all of last years drama i'm glad to see her come through it.

    now i respect as a person and as a performer too!

  7. thedoc

    Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

  8. you're sooo lucky! i waited too long to get tickets and now (obviously, stupid me) they're all gone! hopefully ill be able to get my hands on some decently priced ones with great seats! love love love 'womanizer' and 'circus'. im basically kicking myself for not getting tickets sooner!

    p.s. i was considering getting the seychelles lace up boots, are they as comfortable as they look?

  9. happy birthday and good luck with finals!!!

  10. oh no! good luck with exams!

    and i am so jealous you're going to britney's concert! tickets are uber expensive!


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  12. I'm going in March, except it's a Hanukkah present and I'm not exactly supposed to know. I'm ridiculously excited but I'm also feeling extremely guilty...

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