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The Last Post Before the Year Ends

December 29, 2008

I've been in Texas for a few days, and I'm finally in a WiFi zone! I'll be back the 31st in time for New Years. I can't wait to celebrate in my newest bright orange dress and Chloé shoes that James bought me for Christmas – pictures when they come. Hannah Montana is throwing my old highschool a party, and I wanted to tagalong. 

I'll leave you with this picture before I left for Texas and I will talk to you lovies in the New Year!

James introduced me to this amazing abandoned railroad track with graffiti in every direction; new picture spot.

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41 responses:

  1. k

    that jacket is wayyy cute!

  2. What a great photo, it could eaily be in the pages of a magazine. Where is the jacket from?

  3. Yes, tell us where the jacket's from! I love it so much. Where are you in Texas?

  4. love the outfit.
    happyyy new year!!

  5. your leggings ohmigosh i just adore them!
    have fun in texas-great people great food etc.
    hope to hear from you sometime :)

  6. You look awesome. I love your leggings.

  7. i'm really loving the hair! we wore the same jacket today!

  8. I absolutely love the whole outfit! :)
    Happy New Year!!

  9. Great outfit! Can't wait to see pics of your New Year's Eve get up.

  10. Those pants are so outrageous (I want a pair! Where did they come from?) and they look lush with those boots. The graffiti is amazing. I love graffiti- there's something so rebellious about it, in an artistic way. Hope you have fun on NYE! I love your blog-do you want to do a blog link exchange with me?

    x. Mav

  11. As everything, I must give James credit for picking the location of the shot and his awesome photog skills.

    The jacket is from H&M and the leggings are American Apparel!

    I'm in Dallas right now. Im actually at the museum and just finished the king tut exibition. It was amazing!

  12. i love this outfit!!! its so effortlessly cool

  13. The leggings, with the high laced boots is a great collaboration. I also love the jacket.

    & Awesome blog!

    forever & always,
    Cory /

  14. im in love with everything you have on.. and i wish i had a picture spot let alone a photographer or some one to hold the camera lol

  15. you look fierce! the tights, the t, the coat, the boots, perfection!

  16. LOVE that necklace, and great boots! happy new year!

  17. What a perfect outfit!
    I wish you a very happy new year!

  18. perfect ♥

    happy new year * * *

  19. great outfit!!!! Loving the jacket very much...the t too :)
    Happy New Year xxx LM

  20. your jacket is gorgeous!
    and your right, the backdrop is amazing.
    happy new year!
    molly x

  21. That necklace... Where did you buy it? It's gorgeous!

  22. You look gorgeous in this outfit

    The leggings, the boots, the fur coat, the hair! I love it all!

    <3 gorgeous!
    and I love the graffiti wall James found, nice touch ;)

  24. I really love that jacket!! :)

    Happy 2009! X

  25. i love your outfit and ur blog is amazing :)


  26. u look f'n hot... love the whole look

  27. i think the fur jacket makes the whole outfit special. i really need to find one like that!

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