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The Badass

December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays! I will be in Texas until New Years Eve. Hopefully there will be some updates in between.

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20 responses:

  1. sweet hair - you actually look badass.

  2. HAHA! You do look badass. Have fun in Texas! Hope it's warm.

  3. too funny. have fun!!!!!


  4. haha this is great (:
    definitely a bad-ass alice dellal in the making!

  5. So cute!
    It's ridiculously warm in Texas, I spent Christmas outside in a tank top and shorts.

  6. Hihi, such a sweet but naughty girl!
    Hope you're having a wonderful time my dear!


  7. such an adorable B.A.M.F. ;)
    happy holidays! my gift to you:

  8. Anonymous

    you were ugly....

  9. nice bangsss. so edgyyyy HAHAHAH
    oh memories

  10. Where have you been all my life?! I'll admit I've been shamelessly in a daze just reading the stuff off your blog for hours.. I just started my own, but it doesn't compare. Great job!

  11. Lol too cute! Have fun in Texas! Hopefully the weather is not as cold as CA. I think I may have caught a bitching cold in Vegas. Bleh. Be safe!

    how've u been lady? I hope you're enjoying your holiday and time off from school/work of course!

    oh and a little update... we're thinking easter for the trip to la, that way I can take a long weekend, and I'll be able to take a paid vaca!


  13. adorable. great blog, happy holidays. :)

  14. So cute! I remember my high pony tail days!

  15. Anonymous

    Hi! I just had a random question... was it your choice to study accounting? Do you like it? And if so, what do you like about it??

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