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The Sellout

November 17, 2008

This weekend Ted and I picked a ton of sweet vintage items for our eBay store. This is one of the items, but I seriously can't part with this skirt. The length of the hemline (a current obsession) and the precise pleating made it a great addition to the closet. Sorry, I just had to hold out on this dress. Ted is probably reading... "what a sellout."

  • Shirt: Ron Herman
  • Belt: Brother's 
  • Skirt: Vintage
  • Shoes: Chloé
eBay auctions are coming up this week. Aren't you excited?

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32 responses:

  1. I wouldn't want to part with that skirt either! It's adorable!

  2. Definitely a refreshing silhouette. I'm in love with your ron herman tee, it looks incredibly soft.

  3. Ted Nguyen

    What a sell out.........

    See you wednesday, i might bring the Wii remotes over. ; )

  4. your hair is fucking sex...just sex sex sex

  5. I love the skull necklace. It balances out all the softness.

  6. I'm really craving your Chloé heels. Ah.

  7. Anonymous

    you look fab! what's the link to your ebay store?

  8. thedoc

    Well done, I like the skirt!!!

  9. You look so so pretty! Saw your Halloween post! You make an awesome Amy Winehous and CAMELS?! What kind of party is that?! It's insane!! You must have had tons of fun!

  10. kat

    whats your ebay site?!

  11. well the skirt looks lovely on you, i don't blame you for keeping it!

  12. I love sikrts in that length. I only have one like that tough and I don't wear...I think you just inspired me to wear it in the near future ;)

    Lovely outfit and I love the shoes!

  13. Love it! It's refreshing to see new skirt lengths after all the love over short skirts and super long maxi ones. It looks great! (:

    P.S. would you care to link exchange?

  14. May I ask you where you got your skull necklace?

  15. The skirt is beautiful, and I love how you're wearing the tee!

  16. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your skirt and shirt. SOOO cute!

  17. That delicate pattern looks beautiful with the belt. I can't blame you at all!

  18. what an adorable skirt...yeah, keep it! it's okay, I sell items on ebay sometimes too and sometimes I cannot part with them!

  19. awww. such a pretty outfit. keep the skirt, its so gorgeous! it still looks warm over there. we have snow here in philly!

  20. aw you look so pretty here!

  21. Carolyn

    fobby fobby fobby

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