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The Hautelook

November 5, 2008

I'm seriously not big on being an online advocate for clothing stores, labels, things, and whatnot, but when a reader referred me to Hautelook, I decided I can't keep it a secret any longer. For the most part, the labels they sell are mediocre, but every once in a while, you'll get a diamond in the rough. Right now they're selling Elizabeth and James (!), and I've seen them sell Mike and Chris, clothing from Decades Two (lots of Prada), and my personal favorite, Ilaria Nistri... all for 60% off!

I swear I'm not getting paid or being asked to post this, so if you're interested in an invitation to this private selection, just leave a comment with your email (format it so it reads: raychizzle at gmail com, so robots can't pick up on your email) OR use the form to send me an email and put in hautelook for the subject, and I will send you an invite. Oh, and there's a lot of men's clothing ;)

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41 responses:

  1. Ohh I LOVE LaRok. Count me in!

    skamshoshy at gmail dot com

    :D thanks raych

  2. teapartywithalis at gmail dot com,
    I hope they ship international :)

  3. Anonymous

    Love your blog!

    Roxanne tavakoli at gmail dot com

  4. Anonymous

    ah love your blog!

    cyoussef 13702 at hotmail dot com

  5. Anonymous

    Great! Thanx a lot! Hopefully they ship to Switzerland!
    evelyn_schneider at hotmail dot com

  6. By far Hautelook has the best selection...but if you haven't ordered from them before just note that they don't give options for shipping so it usually takest about 7 - 10 business days to get something from the time it ships - which usually makes it closer to 15days.

  7. wow cool! mintylemondrop at gmail dot com


  8. lemonyellowjello at gmail dot com

    I'm excited! :)

  9. Anonymous

    this looks awesome!

    babymarsbars at hotmail dot com

  10. Anonymous

    marki_lim at yahoo dot com

    ur really pretty btw.

  11. Anonymous

    Just started reading your blog recently and I'm hooked now! I'd love an invite.
    brobles at mydmc dot delmar dot edu

  12. Anonymous

    jocelyn.vonchoi dot gmail dot com


  13. Thanks Fashion Therapist, I forgot to mention the shipping hassle. I'll mention it in my post!

    And I sent everyone above an invite and those who emailed me before 12:48 PST.

    Yeah, I'm also doing this so I can keep track of who I invited already.


  14. god, i'd love an invite! :D

    infatuation at hotmail dot co dot uk

    thank you so much! keep up the awesome blogging xx.

  15. Anonymous

    spencerhastings at gmail dot com

  16. Anonymous

    opps. i gave you the wrong email. it's

    spencerhasting at gmail dot com

  17. lych3e at gmail dot com


  18. This comment has been removed by the author.
  19. kix


    hawaiikai at gmail dot com


  20. Anonymous

    damn u rachel! i love hautelook and wanted it kept a secret! oh well.

  21. Anonymous

    yummie bearzz at hotmail dot come

    thanks so much!

  22. I looooove Elizabeth and James and The Row!! The Olsens know how to make clothes!!


  23. Anonymous

    leilabear123 at hotmail dot com

    thank you!!

  24. oh my goodness. so i signed up for hautelook like the day i saw you post this...

    and today i bought jeans for my bf.

    and im eyeing some necklaces from the david aubrey collection.


  25. please sign my up!

    brinnsand at gmail dot com

  26. Anonymous

    aslava at umich dot edu

    Thanks so much!

  27. Anonymous

    i've heard about that site! please send an invite to alag37 at yahoo dot com

  28. I love this blog, from one cali fashionista to're haute!

    Msleslierobinson at gmail dot com

  29. Anonymous

    you're awesome!!

    angelg44 at aol dot com

  30. Anonymous

  31. Anonymous

    coolkidsbelong2gether at yahoo .com

  32. Anonymous

    beckers1117 at yahoo dot com

  33. Can't wait! Thanks!

    leshay.wesson at gmail dot com

  34. Anonymous

    is it too late for an invite?

    cursiyrudo at gmail dot com

  35. i know this is super old....not sure if it still applies but melissa.bennett at! thanks xx

  36. Anonymous

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