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The Gaslamps

November 23, 2008

I had tons of fun romping around Gaslamp Quarter yesterday. Once I finish school, I'd definitely move here in a heartbeat - especially after seeing the all-glass condos. But, I'd be even further away from my twin, and I don't know if I can bear.
  • Top: Vintage 
  • Jeans: Rag & Bone
  • Boots: Miu Miu
My top is the same one worn in my Halloween post! It is literally a huge, square piece of black, wooly fabric that has two armholes cutout. I think I'm going to stop by Michael's to buy some different fabric to recreate this garment. It's an easy DIY, and I've thought of at least 5 ways to wear this! Loveeee it. 

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31 responses:

  1. can't wait to see your DIY projects on the top!

  2. I LOVE this top! It is absolutely amazing.


  3. Gorgeous! San Diego is awesome.

  4. i love what you are wearing
    such an amazing style!

  5. thedoc

    I love the top...and the boots..and the jeans...I love it all!!!

  6. Very chic outfit. Make sure to check my out

  7. Gorgeous boots! Love the blog btw <3

  8. Anonymous

    Great show of versatility!

  9. i love the top, you should do a DIY post! unless you're like me and have all these ideas for DIY posts that you never get round to doing ha.

    and i'm very excited to see this new ebay store go up. whoot!


  10. what if you just sent your weather up north until my exams are over.
    Maybe it would carry some warm wind, that would blow the stinky-ness out of the guy who decided to sit in front of me at the LIBRARY RIGHT NOW!

    WHY ME!!?!? I hate nasty smells.

  11. please do a tutorial for that shirt, i love how it drapes and i would definitely love to create something similar for myself! share the wealth, por favor, it is too beautiful to keep to yourself!

    keep up the good work, girl.

  12. gorgeous outfit!
    and those "glass condos everywhere" sounds amazing :)

  13. You'r outfit is amazingly gorgeous!

    juliet xxx

  14. This top looks simple but yet really unique, i'm going to give it a go too!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx

  15. you look stunning!
    i love your blog too!

  16. Wow I really like that top scarf thing! So chic when paired with the belt.

  17. I love this top, you should definatley make your own versions.
    Do you think you could take a picture of it lying flat so that we can see the shape of it please?
    I'd love to make one for myself. x

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