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The Busy Twins

November 11, 2008

Backed up on work! Thanks for being patient. 

For a quick post, I'd like to introduce my darling, online BFF. Jane was a very persistent reader who was madly in love with Ted and I. She bombarded my inbox, stalked me on Myspace, then somehow got my cellphone number. Kidding, I sold her my friendship. 

Anyways, Jane and I quickly became friends although we've never met (isn't that the case for everyone in this blogging bubble?). She comes to me with "should I buy this?" and I go to her with "should I sell this?." Anyway, we're like yin and yang, or Libra and Sagittarius as she so calls it. 

I'm on top; she's on bottom. I had no idea we had similar vests or that we use the same poses in photobooth. This came as a surprise to me.

So, while I'm tackling my accounting and calculus exam until next Tuesday, you can read her newly formed blog that she updates three times a day because she is so damn excited about it.

If you think she looks familiar, she's featured on Cobrasnake a lot. Figured you guys would get a little kick out of that. 

Her blog:

News flash: Jane picked her vest up at a thrift store, as did I. So we get a' talking about the similarities and turns out it's by the same label. Trippy stuff, this girl.

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36 responses:

  1. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i love you twin bitch!

  2. HAHAHAHA WOW!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS MY BLOGGER BFF???? I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIND ME SOMEONE! hahahahaha

    you guys are too cute

  3. freakin awesome vest!

    linked you!

  4. That's crazy!

    I love the vests.

    And you two are adorable.

  5. that vest is freaking awesome UGH!


  6. Mystery Man.......?

    what is this shit?!?!?!?!?! just kidding, i have tons of online best friends u don't know about ; ).

    ill see you saturday. i want to brawl, pokemon trainer is theee shit. after daisy of course, i never forget where i come from. And besides her killer hip can knock the lights out of you. hahahahahaha. bye.

  7. holy granola :] thats a pretty amazing vest! Im in love with vintage clothiing! Check out my blog if you want to.


  8. thedoc

    Freakyyyyy!!!!!! Are you guys planning to ever meet in person ?

  9. Oh wow, what a coincidence! You guys both look lovely in that vest.

  10. anj

    hey, fan here from the philippines. really love your outfit posts! :)

  11. Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog :
    Bottes pas cher
    Marina (from France)

  12. what an amazing jacket
    love your hair

    xx ness

    AHHH!!! I'm going to look into her blog since she reminds me of you, which is always a good thing!

  14. both of u ladies have a wonderful taste!
    i heart that vest!

  15. Wow, so amazing. Love the vests!
    You both are gorgeous! <3


  16. im convinced we all have our twin somewhere out there

  17. thats awesome!! haha i want a blogger bff =[

  18. Love the vests! You both are FREAKIN CUTE!

  19. i love eyour vest so much! It really reminds me of Chloe Fall 2008. <3

  20. Both vest are Hot and looking so cute.
    like the cardigan.

  21. Is that leather (pleather) jacket from H&M?

  22. That vest is freaking awesome and looking so cute.

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