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The Egyptian Holiday

November 2, 2008

Some pictures from the weekend. Warning, extremely image heavy.

They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said 'no, no, no.'

You wouldn't believe how amazing this house party was. There were camels! Enough said. It was the perfect Egyptian execution.

Not to mention, the jello shots were amazing!

And gave eachother gifts for no reason.

Yes! James bought me those SS08 Chloe shoes. I can't stop staring at them; it's love. I love you James, thank you!

Lace Leotard: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Jet
Shoes: Nina

Poncho: Vintage
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Chloe

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42 responses:

  1. Those Chloe's are amazing!!

  2. Wow, the Chloe's! They look gorgeous on you.

    Looks like you had a wonderful halloween! The camels sound increadibe. What a party it must have been! Your costumes are great! Love the Peter Pan one as well, it's great!

  3. Lol at Ted being Spongebob .. how adorable :D

  4. Those shoes are to die for!!!

  5. Party with camels? I'm officially jealous!

  6. nicole

    that last outfit is fug :( you usually have such nice style! wtf happened?

  7. heybeautifulgirl.

    ah. WHAT A BLAST!
    wish i could of tagged along.


    obsessed with the chloe's.
    beyond jealouuuus.
    they look AMAZING on you.
    walking art.

    oh my. and i love the watch too.
    retro hotness.

    hope you're well!
    miss ya.

    happy monday.


  8. I wanna bf that buys me Chloe!

  9. hey raych, I know, we haven't commented each other for a while, I feel like I'm getting so behind with catching up on my favourite blogs!

    Funny as I was actually sorting out my wardrobe last night which made me think of your supermelon video.

    great pictures, you're so lucky to have got the chloes, they look fantastic with the lovely black shawl combo.

    so yeah, i'm great thanks but trestres busy. and how are youu?


    ps, amazzing house party! was it thrown by phillip green or something? ha. it's of his standard.

  10. what's up with your friend, ted? he's way too adorable!!

  11. Haha, ted as Sponge bob is hilarious! I'm so jealous of those Chloes. They are beautiful.

  12. geez and i thought my halloween party was decent!.. camels?! ha thats amazing, bet it was fun

    great shoes and that black top is awesome

  13. Anonymous

    the guy in the red checked shirt clearly has cocaine under his nose. ew.

  14. Anonymous

    p.s. i would fuck ted, even in that spongebob outfit.


  15. What cute shoes, and I love the outfit overall. I have never, ever liked ponchos, but man do I want one now :). You look amazing! That seems like a pretty awesome halloween party, especially in my opinion as I am egyptian ;).

  16. wow im so jealous of that party haha.

  17. WOW!
    Looked like a great party! Love the Winehouse looks =]

    Great blog!!!


  18. i´ve never seen a shatter-pumpkin! what a great idea!

  19. I will only say this: you look really cute and he is very lucky.


  20. loo beautiful in your chloes, great outfit

  21. jealousy has set in... loving the shoes lol

  22. Hey Raych,

    Just wanted to let you know I linked you in my blog post yesterday because I liked your outfit and used your photo because I wanted to talk about the importance of styling. I hope this is okay...if not I can take it down. I really admire your blog :) I have been following you and your fabulous style for sometimes now!

  23. thedoc

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! The costumes, the party..the gifts!!!!! haaaa, as I said, I just love halloween!

  24. Teed

    Dear Rachel,

    remember how i said i would never leave you comments on myspace ever again, well i'm starting that tradition again, and while I already typed you a pretty lengthy comment on facebook, my intense state of boredom and deliriousness<---(is that a word?) has led me to your blog.

    On the behalf of my friend chloe i've decided to nickname your shoes "clovers" if you don't mind..........and man butterfingers are freaking goood. (10mins later) yea I kinda fell asleep on top of my book and woke up remembering i had to leave you a comment. but I think that is a sign for me to stop, peacee.

  25. ok i am in love with your blog, seriously. i love your outfits and posts. i sound like a gushing child but im in love. hahah
    would you like to exchange links?x

  26. I love your outfits. And that camel sure knows how to accsessorize!

  27. ah the shoes are ammmazing. love the costumes!!

  28. the chloe shoes are AWESOME and when did peter pan get so good looking? haha

  29. oh the chloe shoes - amazing amazing amazing. you look fabulous!

  30. woooo u look like complete hottness!!

  31. this is soo funny. i love your hair! its like natural curly beachy. haha do you do anything to it or is that just natural?
    love your blog!!

  32. oh god spnogebob looks so great
    and you as a kitty? so funny

  33. i worship those shoes. every girl deserves a james ;)

  34. sooo fun!! those chloes are ridiculous!!

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