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The Shitty Camera

October 19, 2008

I haven't posted a Wearing Today in a while, but it's not like you're missing out. The California weather is still stuck in summer, so I'm still stuck on what to wear. Hence, I'm still sporting denim cutoffs ever so often. I just want it to cool down already!

Horrible picture quality: one's too exposed and the other too blurry. You get the picture, right?

This is pretty much my every day uniform. It's casual, simple, and comfy.

Leather Jacket: H&M
Shirt: Marc Jacobs
Shorts: Vintage Levi's
Boots: Harley Davidson
Purse: Urban Outfitters

I'm not too crazy about this outfit, but my New Year's dress is too flashy to just sit in my closet for a year.

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Ron Herman
Flats: Sam Edelman

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44 responses:

  1. Anonymous

    i actually like the second look better than the first (i like bits & pieces of the first, but I just don't think the look is very cohesive)

  2. the dress is awesome and the cardi really softens it all up <3
    ur hair is so beautiful!

  3. haha i thought u had two separate posts w/ two different outfits, my bad.

    The first look is awesome. I want some boots like that! I love your leather jacket and the whole thing makes me really want it to be warm here again!

    hope u had a good weekend!

  4. Anonymous

    You're very self-absorbed. You also have very bad fashion sense, which is very ironic and funny since this is a fashion blog.

  5. Via text messaging:

    Me: I tracked down a mean commen left at 8:00PM, and I believe it was someone in Tustin (where we live)

    Ted: It must be someone we know, otherwise, how else would they know you're self-absorbed?

    Me:Gosh, am I that transparent?

  6. ah girl.
    you're honestly SO stunning.
    natural beauty.

    ah cut-offs. summer staple.

    have a beautiful week.

  7. Anonymous

    Wooow, how inspring and different. You DONT just look like one million other girls. Hmph not.

  8. Anonymous

    geez anon @ 11:50
    if her look is ordinary or extraordinary is not really the point. i don't know if your a girl or not, but girls like to talk about clothes, that's why we visit this blog.
    everyone has different a fashion sense and that's what makes fashion SO much fun =D.
    it seems like for the most part we like her fashion sense that's why we keep coming back for more and even take the time to comment!
    frankly, i'm surprised you didn't know this!
    perez hilton is not exactly a celebrity but he talks about celebrities doesn't he?
    raychel doesn't claim to know EVERYTHING about fashion, but she has every right to share information.

    Just find a blog which you can relate to or write your own, it's really as simple as that, I mean, seriously.

  9. Vyvie

    I adore your style! Love the first outfit, very casual yet still chic(; Gosh, I'm actually very envious of your California sun! Where I'm at it's as if we skipped fall & went straight into winter T___T The rain is quite dreadful. . .

    Anyways, keep us updated :]

  10. Anonymous

    the bag looks completly hideous with what you are wearing in the first photo. this post should be called the hsitty outfits, not the hsitty camera.

  11. Bite me

    anon 1:48: it seems like you have a stick up your ass. if you don't like what she is wearing, then start your own fucking blog and lets see how well you do. If you are so confident in your own fashion sense then please allow yourself to be vulnerable to the public. I feel like your frustration comes from a deep feeling of insecurity, you are just sad about your own pathetic life that you need to go on a fashion blog to lash out on people who are obviously better then you.

    rachel as for you, i love your blog don't let these lame people effect your opinions. <3

  12. Anonymous

    dearest bite me.
    as this is a comments section, anyone is entitled to leave a comment about their opinion on the outfit. i will not leave an 'omg racheal your style is like soooo amazing, you look soooo good, i love your blog' when my first thought on the out fit was 'what a hideous and wrong bag'. its called honesty you see. i am sure the blogger is a big enough girl to handle what some people think of her style. when you post a photo of yourself, you open it up to the world to create an opinion on, its natural that some will love it and some hate it, its the risk you run. those who hate the outfit should not be persecuted by those who love it. we are all entitled to our own opinions.

  13. The Harley boots look great! Very chic, as usual :)

  14. love your shoes on the first picture.

  15. Oh wow the first outfit is super nice. Love everything about it.

  16. i really like your everyday uniform. it looks great on you. and i love that forever 21 dress! it's too flashy to be concealed by that cardigan though. it's ready to bust out.

  17. This is deirdre from Lucky magazine- trying to reach you- please email me:

  18. I really like the 1st outfit!

  19. Bite me

    dearest anon 3:03: why is it that you hate her style so much, and yet you keep returning to her blog checking up on her comments? i mean this would be the second time you've looked at this post. Stop coming back if you don't like her style

    Everyone is of course entitled to an opinion, but is it necessary to be so harsh. If you hate her style, stop looking at her blog!

  20. I’ve said many times before, I have fairly tough skin and I appreciate everyone’s opinions! Thus, I am well aware that by throwing my opinions and pictures out, I am vulnerable to nice comments and not-so-nice ones. That is why I leave the Anonymous option available for those who don’t want to show their identity!

    I am all for constructive criticism, but there’s a better way to approach an ugly outfit than to say “you look like a fucking idiot” “what the fuck were you thinking?” or “shitty outfit” (it’s shitty, not hsitty). That said, there is also a huge difference in stating your opinion and the intention to hurt someone’s feelings (sounds very 3rd grade, but go along). Honestly, we can see right through you and see where you’re trying to get with this: flamers try to get under a blogger’s skin. I don’t just speak for myself, I’ve seen numerous of flamers on other people’s blog! I just don’t see the satisfaction in it, especially if it’s done anonymously. It’s so impersonal, and rather than it becoming an opinion that someone can respond to, it becomes an intentional personal attack. It’s called bullying, and I’ve never been too fond of it.

    I love the comments you guys leave; I learn from them. And I am extremely flattered for those that put themselves in the range of fire to stand up for the morality of kindness. I very much appreciate your humbleness and time. I just don’t think any of us need to be in the situation we’re in.

    Morals and respect aside, it’s a FASHION blog. You experiment with clothes. You mix this. You match that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You just can’t expect perfection every time.


  21. hi beautiful raych.

    i've missed ya!

    ah your sweetness is so amazing. thank you for every.single.word!!!

    really girl- it means a lot.

    oh no -wool gives me the willies!

    These are ancient h&ms.
    They're not leggings but SUPER THICK tights, which actually kind of work as leggings- but i do have a tiny pair a booty shorts underneath ;)

    I hope you're doing wonderful + school is not too hectic.

    sending all my love.


  22. Ah I wish summer wasn't over here.

    You look lovely!


  23. i love both outfits. that bag is fantastic!

    La C.

  24. Great ! I think also that great party dresses shouldn't sit around in the closet waiting for the next place and time to be worn.

    juliet xxx

  25. I love these outfits!! I definitely like the boots in the first photo! They're great!

    Love your blog!!

  26. Anonymous

    do you go to occ? I totally thought I saw you today but didnt want to say anything if it wasnt youuu

  27. ^^ Haha I do, and I was there from 8 - 10:30 AM

  28. cute outfits . so jealous of ur weather . its bloody freezing here ! hi from england x

  29. what? you want it to cool down? i wish it was summer again! i love all my summer clothes and I have a hard time with my fall/winter looks.

    as for the anonymous, i think u have the right to express your opinion on the outfits, but you dont have to be mean about it, its called making a CONSTRUCTIVE comment. for example the first anonymous comment is constructive!

    i love your cardigan!
    and btw, after checking out all your outfits i have been inspired to make a pair of denim cutoffs (made by old Levi's), they dont look as good as yours, but i tried my best!

  30. the sequin dress is gorgeous!

  31. That flashy dress needs a white scarf with black polka dots and a leather jacket! So french!

  32. Oh, and the first look is awesome. My only thing with it is the purse...I think it is just a little too structured for the outfit. Otherwise you look like a californian kate moss.

  33. And You frankly wears short denim shorts in a "Vavavooooooooomesque way" !!!! Or how to make blow a "HOT-issime" wind of freshness across the ocean . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine




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