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The Lazy Friday

October 10, 2008

.Lazy Friday.

I haven't been feeling my best - uninspired, unproductive, unethical. Looking at shoes on eBay makes me feel better. Or editorials.

Sometimes his shots are too overexposed and too hipster-esque for my taste, but sometimes it works.

Completely underrated and so ethereal.

Teller? Or Richardson? That Bjork picture reeled me in. I then came across Mariacarla covered in mud.

Yet another underrated photographer.

I'd mention more photographers, but again, too lazy.

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25 responses:

  1. these are all beautiful. i'm glad you mentioned teller, he's by far my favorite fashion photographer.

  2. Anonymous

    I am inspired. What sources can you reccomend to further learn about photographers?

  3. LOVE Teller's and Roversi's work..that shot of the girl next to Kate Moss wearing the headdress has been in my neverending inspiration folder for a while now.

    Hey and thanks for your comment earlier, yeah people are freaks dude.

  4. some inspirational photos for sure. I love the two middle teller shots but the first and last are a bit too out there for my taste - but it's clear he's an amazing talent nonetheless.

  5. hey trust me you're WAY less lazy than me! UGH

    you should see me trying to work w/ blogger right now... I can skin a wordpress blog in about an hour... but trying to skin my own BLOGGER is driving me insane! sorry for the mini rant lol

    you're amazing at it btw!

    AMAZING photographers! cheered me up a TON I love the photo of freja! mmm... so lovely!

  6. Anonymous

    haha you are fucking ted's house!!!
    fucking as in "doing"
    i'm immature, i know.

  7. Anonymous

    I thought Ted was gay! Isn't he?? Prove my gaydar right!!

  8. Amazing selection of photographers!!! Thanks!!!!! Love your blog. xxx

  9. Anonymous

    i don't think ted's gay
    he's hot, but at the same time his jokes are typical male jokes
    and he loves boobies !!!
    remember he said he likes watching porn and such?

  10. ha, how very honest of you on the lazy front!

    i too am feeling most unproductive and as a result, most frustrated with myself. but maybe I shouldn't mention that, as when people second lazy activity is seems to justify it..

    love these photos though. yelena yemchuk seems a good person to google.


    ps, hoorah for the smiths.

  11. so cool, why??
    love them all!

    xo/ fashion chalet

  12. brittany

    your site is great.

    teller's work is the best of these photographers.

  13. zoe

    i really like the work you showed for paolo reversi. i am not familiar with his work at all, but i am completely in love with all of the pictures you showed for him! that's my kind of photography.

  14. roversi = roar
    I completely love it. It has a certain class, yet ethereal feel to it.

  15. You know, even when you use really good photography for your posts, it is your stunning that really stands out. I love it!


  16. Gorgeous selection, dear!
    You inspired me...
    Thanks and hope you feel great!

    Mila X

  17. the teller ones, so eerie and bizarre

  18. im starting to love juergen again
    much more then terry

  19. I wish i could be one of them someday!

  20. Amazing. Such amazing talent, by both the photographers and the models. Stunning! x

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