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The Midcalfs

October 26, 2008

Lately, I've been loving mid calf hemlines, in fact, I consider it a must-have this Fall. Speaking of Fall staples, I haven't done my seasonal staples in a while. Maybe later this week?

Skirt: H&M
Shirt: JCrew
Shoes: Frye

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30 responses:

  1. Oh, you pull it off so well!
    Love the outfit.

  2. those shoes are killer, and i like the cut of the skirt ... but I'm not really a fan of the pattern.



  3. thedoc

    You look adorable, it's good to see that you can wear harley boots one day and the next a girly pair of pumps... that's the right way to enjoy fashion!

  4. you look really really fab in this outfit.

  5. THAT SKIRT IS HAWTT!! I adore it. Ughh it's already so chilly in toronto that all my scrawny little legs want it thick jeans...or leggings under thick jeans.
    That's it..I gotta gain some weight! [I've been saying that for 17 years] lol!!

  6. i love the skirt especially with those great shoes!

  7. you are working that skirt perfectly.

  8. hi beautiful.

    i love the skirt ( i have a top in the same pattern ) !!!

    the length is perfect.
    lady-like but still super refreshing.

    only pulled off by few, and you girl wear seamlessly.

    hope you're well & school is not too crazytown.

    have a wonderful start to your week.


  9. You look adorable in that skirt! I found a vintage skirt of similar length and have been thinking of getting it hemmed. But you make it look so good. Maybe I will have fun with the length for awhile.

  10. thats a H & M skirt right? u look really sweet! (: super heart ur blog.

  11. ooo i love the skirt and the shoes!

  12. i applaud ur style
    u may wear basics but ur outfits NEVER ar basic or plain they're brilliant!

  13. Hey!
    My name is Lara and i´m from Spain.
    I really like and enjoy your blog, and i like your style!
    I just have a can you post larger images? I just can´t find the way to do it.

    Thank you so much!!

  14. That skirt is amazing and you have worn it perfectly!! *.* love the whole outfit!

  15. I agree completely. I just purchased on from a thrift store last week!

  16. I love that skirt!

    juliet xxx

  17. oh that is such a gorgeous skirt! i love longer skirts, esp those in a light fabric! i feel so bohemian in them! :)

    La C

  18. The skirt is lovely and you are so pretty!

  19. Love the shoes.You look wonderful in that skirt.

  20. I was about to buy that skirt in Paris, I didn't buy it because it was beginning of the season, and now here in Spain I've not seen it!!!
    I really like how you mix it, very Carrie with a twist

  21. That outfit is very nicely put together..You look gorgrous..Live mid-cald skirts as well..I just want to point out that it's not flattering on everyone (since it hits at the "biggest" part of the calve..)

    My blog:

  22. Wow, the skirt is gorgeous and looks absolutely lovely on you!

  23. I admit I've never been a fan of mid-length anything, but I love that skirt on you! I might have to change my mind about it. ;)

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