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The Homage To MMM

October 14, 2008

She wears Margiela so well. Ted and I decided we're going to make a personal blog. Of course, I'll still be on here. We'll see when we get that up. Any ideas for a blog names? We were thinking "Suicide Siblings" but thought it might be too controversial.

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27 responses:

  1. I love the personal blog idea, you and Ted are so hilarious together.

  2. marie

    ted is ridiculously sexy <3

  3. I love all great blogs, would be fun to see that happen.

    juliet xxx

  4. Those pants are so cute, I love how the seam runs down the front of the leg.
    And, I like Suicide Siblings, controversial is a good thing!

  5. Anonymous

    suicide siblings??? ... can you try ANY harder

  6. Anonymous

    do you attend UCI???? i think i saw you...!

  7. Anonymous

    are you planning on dressing up for halloween? if so, what are you going to be! :)

  8. I think that's a good name, but I may be the only one...

  9. I'm not sure about the name but I definitely love the idea and can't wait for it to materialize! I hope that you'll let us all know the new address ...

  10. thedoc

    Hi! I love the idea of the blog, but I'm sure you guys can think of a better name, good luck with it!

  11. Anonymous

    i bet ted is a machine in bed !!! i'm so excited =D
    Wait ... what kind of personal stuff will you talk about?

  12. Anonymous

    ted stop writing comments about yourself

  13. Anonymous


    Anonymous: you bring up a very good point, I very well could be inflating my ego by commenting myself under an anonymous alias.

    But what you don't realize is that Rachel can tell when I comment her blog, even if its under an anonymous alias. I would never embarrass myself like that, and simply I'm not narcissistic enough.

    but you can believe what you want to believe. And just for you, i'll make my comment anonymous.

  14. I am obsess with this picture! I keep coming back to your blog just to look at it! And yea, the personal blog idea is kind of cool. I'm curious to see what you do off-style blogging :)

  15. I die! If I bumped into that girl in the treet I would pass out!


  16. Hey you! I work at Lucky Magazine- shoot me an email- we want to talk to you:

  17. the personal blog sounds like a good idea!

  18. Anonymous

    hurry up and do it! it would be so much fun

  19. Tia

    lol I figured out how to get my name on the thingy to prove that it was actually ME who said ted would be "a machine in bed" but now i'm just embarrassed from the attention :P it was late at night ... don't know what i was thinking !!!

    *** OMG Rachel make sure you email back the lucky magazine people, sounds like a great opportunity ***

  20. Ah, I'd love a blog of you and Ted
    I have no idea on a name thoughh

  21. ugh YES this is beyond sexy!
    she pulls it off so well and looks so confident!

    i really love it!
    i saw this look before and added it to my inspiration folder immediately!

    how are u my dear? i got ur tfs message and wrote back! :D hope u get it!

    have a lovely Saturday evening! xoxo

  22. Amaaazing. This is the kind of fashion looks that makes me feel that stir of out of breath or what ever it can be described as

  23. amazing.
    at the live version of little bit, is pretty good. amazing song

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