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The Halloween That's Actually on a Good Day

October 31, 2008

Trashy is as trashy does. First, I was Amy Winehouse. Tonight, I'm a cat.

What are you going to be/doing?

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21 responses:

  1. Ahaha, you look EXACTLY like her. Well done.

  2. haha, love the costume!!

    happy halloween!! i made you a gift:

  3. you look amazing! great job!

  4. you're looking great ;)

    good job.

  5. thedoc

    ah...hahahaha, I was Amy Winehouse too!!!!!! my love was the joker, but he wore my lab coat (way too small for him!) and my stethoscope with just some crazy green boxers underneath.... his legs got more attention than my trashy Amy costume!!! I just loove halloween!

  6. great costume you look like her, tattoos and all.

  7. Anonymous

    i was a gypsy! great costume . A LOT of people went as Amy.

    You pull off the trashy look with ... class :)
    Could use a bit more poof, but I'm assuming it was nearing the end of the night.

  8. omg when i first saw it i was like 'amy looks healthy now!' but seriously that is really good! why did you decide to change? my friends and i were the 3 bling mice

  9. you pulled that off very well!! :D

  10. Lady Bee

    at first i seen you with peter pan...and i didnt really catch the caption....i figured it went with all the discarded red cups on the gorund....

    then i see this and before i even read the caption, i sed, yo this chick must channel some amy winehouse in her get up!!!

    u were a great amy. NAILED IT!

    boyfriend should've been Blake...but peter pan makes me think i can fly, so i am cool with that!

    shot outs to sponge bob!!!!

  11. yes a very hot looking !!and healthy amy!!

  12. you make a prettier amy winehouse than amy winehouse!


    can't wait for the interview... i'll be cooking up questions asap. i absolutely love your blog rachel!

    how did u get ur hair like that?! sweet!

  14. loves it! I was her last year, but I've gotta admit, you pull it off well :)

    Great blog, btw!

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