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The Extreme Eye-Candy

October 2, 2008

I started creating Fashion Week collages up to Hussein Chalayan, then realized that Chanel and Alexander McQueen is only a few hours away! The post can wait...

But instead, Jak and Jil have been providing insider Fashion Week shots that have been featured on every blog - one more can't hurt.

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18 responses:


    ahhhhhhhhhh if only.


  2. Mel

    Love love love these pictures

  3. those last shoes are insane!

  4. Awwwessome how your compiled it all together.

  5. I love Natalia's necklace(es)!

  6. What a amzing choice of pics :) Love it!

  7. the stud shoes are crazy and dangerous looking - but I still like them in a way?

    The last shoes though - crazily fabulous!

  8. That's some extreme arm candy, I want!

  9. Thanx so much!! Great shots!! I love these sort of photos from fashion week, they make me feel chic.


  10. love the photo of the two french vogue editors
    i would love to dress like that, however being 5'4 and 16 years old, i would simply be dressed up with nowhere to go

  11. stunning!!!!

    and look at natalia she looks AMAZING!

  12. These pictures are awesome!

  13. those studded shoes are fierceeee!!

    check out my blog `=)

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